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Contractors in the Classroom: Floor Plans

Post Date:10/20/2015 12:28 PM

DSC_3287In continuing their work on the Laird School construction site, and more recently in the classroom, DLR Group, Concord General Contracting, and members of the Tempe Elementary School District visited the Laird STEM class earlier this week. The focus for this session was floor plans.

David Schmidt of DLR Group led the students in an interactive and informative lesson, explaining how design teams start the initial design process. He explained that the design team discusses needs of the building, and then highlighted some of the items that the Tempe Elementary School District had on the list when discussing the new Laird School building. Some of those items included: pedestrian/bike access, public access to the administration building and multipurpose room, campus security, vehicle access to the kitchen for deliveries, and natural light in all learning spaces. All of these desires went into consideration when the Tempe Elementary Design team was creating the look for the new Laird School building.

DSC_3256 DSC_3344

Students were given a sheet of paper with the Laird School property specs and an envelope filled with different paper buildings, such as classrooms, a multi-purpose room, cafeteria, administrative building, parking lots, and more. Students organized the buildings by category, and, starting with the parking lots, began placing the different spaces down on the property.

DSC_3273As the students continued to work, Schmidt explained why certain spaces go where they go and helped the students understand how to create a comfortable “flow” for the school. He had them think of a typical day at school – students start at the parking lot, possibly stopping at the front office, go to class, go to specials and lunch, back to class, and then leave campus for the day. Schmidt also challenged the students to take into consideration the different volume levels of classrooms, such as P.E. and music, and how that would impact regular classroom learning.

After the students placed all the buildings, they were instructed to draw a flow path through the campus to see if it made sense to them. Schmidt asked questions such as, “Was the cafeteria central to most classrooms?” and “Was the front office at the front or back of the campus?” The final step in creating their design was to trace the floorplan onto transparency paper.

DSC_3449Once all the groups were complete, Schmidt closed the lesson by showing them the virtual tour that DLR Group created to show the mock up of the new Laird School building. Students were impressed by the  beautiful open space and new buildings. The students oohed and ahhed as the video showed the playground and soccer fields!

The Laird STEM students are looking forward to the next session on masonry. Thank you to Concord General Contracting and DLR Group for making the second session of “Contractors in the Classroom” a huge success!

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