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Carminati Students Write Letters of Gratitude to Service Men & Women

Carminati Students Write Letters of Gratitude to Service Men & Women

Post Date:12/15/2015 10:43 AM


The season of sharing has a whole new meaning for Carminati Elementary School students and staff. Thanks to Kindergarten Teacher Kelly Trujillo, the Carminati Cobras participated in a school-wide letter writing campaign. This was in partnership with Steve and Nina D. from KMLE 107.9, who teamed up with Packages From Home to collect 20,000 “Thank You” letters to send to the brave men and women overseas.

LetterstoTroops1Carminati set a goal of 375 letters, approximately one letter per student. Teachers Trujillo, Stephanie Rivas, and Michael Shelton added additional competition to the campaign – the class that collected the most amount of letters would get a pizza party. In addition, if the school met the goal of 375 letters, the three teachers would choose three students at random to paint their faces with camouflage paint.

On Thursday, November 19, Carminati gathered for an all-school assembly, with a special guest to accept the letters – Nina D. from KMLE 107.9! Trujillo, Rivas, and Shelton held the total number of letters in sealed envelopes and the excitement grew throughout the room. Students and staff alike couldn’t wait to hear the final number.

Nina D. had the honors of opening the envelope. As she read the number herself, she nearly dropped to her knees.


One thousand three-hundred eighty-nine letters. That’s 1,389 letters… 1,014 letters more than their goal!

The room burst into cheers and applause as students and staff celebrated the amazing news. Nina D. thanked Carminati for their generosity and talked to the students about the importance of giving back and what their letters would mean to the service men and women.

LetterstoTroops7Trujillo, who was the brains behind this idea, even had to hold back tears of joy after learning what her school community did.

“I was initially inspired when I was listening to the radio and heard them ask people to take just two minutes of their time to write a letter to thank the troops,” said Trujillo. “It instantly took me back to my own classroom. We are all so wrapped up in our own lives that I felt that we needed to take the time to reflect on all the freedoms we have from living in the United States.” She continued, “I wanted my students to understand what the troops were doing for us.”

After the excitement calmed, Trujillo, Rivas, and Shelton announced to the students that because of their great success, all three teachers would have their face painted the next day by students from all grades.

KMLE 107.9 had a goal of collecting 20,000 letters to send to troops. Just like Carminati students crushed their goal of 375, the “KMLE Nation” completely surpassed the goal of 20,000 and wrote over 51,000 letters to troops.

LetterstoTroops2“This activity brought not only our students together, but our students’ families as well. We had one family send if 55 letters to contribute to our cause!” said Trujillo. “Many students, staff, and families shared personal stories about their connection to the military. The students were excited to be living in the U.S. and grateful to have the troops fighting for their freedom.”  

Congratulations, Carminati Cobras, on the amazing accomplishment!

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