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Arredondo Gets Electric!

Post Date:02/02/2017 12:01 PM

ArredondoElectric1_400x244The first lesson of the semester from the McCarthy Building Company at Arredondo Elementary was a success! The topic for the day was a leap going from their previous building oriented lessons to electricity.

Students were put into groups and worked with circuits, with the goal of creating a working light. They were given few instructions and were forced to work amongst themselves to reach their goal.

Through collaboration and a bit of trial and error,  Arredondo STEM students learned about conductors and insulators. Conductors are a material that electricity can move through while insulators are material electricity cannot pass through.

ArredondoElectric2_400x244“I really like this way of learning,” said Fifth-Grader Riconna Jefferson, referring to the students working out the problem to find a solution themselves. “I get to figure out things I’ve never learned before.”

“We’re promoting interactive learning, and we’re impressed by the students learning the basics and then asking questions to advance their understanding,” said Steve Poulin, the project director at McCarthy Building Company. “They’re like little electrical engineers!”

To end the day on a high note, McCarthy included a plasma ball demonstration. A plasma ball is a fluorescent light bulb that reacts to static electricity. In other words, when you touch it the bulb lights up. The light was met with “oohs” and “aahs” as students lined up to get their turn touching the ball.

ArredondoElectric3_400x244Thanks to Poulin and everyone else at McCarthy Building Company for coming out to yet another successful STEM lesson, we look forward to next time!

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