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Frank Kindergarteners’ Special Surprise

Post Date:02/23/2017 3:42 PM

FrankKinderAnimals_400x244Frank Elementary kindergarteners were in for surprise on a seemingly normal day at school. Their treat? Stuffed animal “reading buddies” and books donated by Kids Need to Read, a program based out of Mesa dedicated to getting kids to be engaged in reading through book donations and literacy programs.

They strive to make sure every child has the opportunity and skills necessary to read.

The donated books will go to the Frank library, where the kids can check them out at their leisure, and the stuffed animal “reading buddies” will stay in the classroom for designated reading times.

The stuffed dogs and cats were met with warm smiles and big hugs as Principal Martha Jacobo Smith and Assistant Principal Matt Strauss went around to each of the kindergarten classrooms delivering them.

FrankKinderAnimals2_400x244“A lot of these kids are used to reading with someone else whether a parent or their teacher,” said Strauss. “Having a reading buddy helps the kids feel more comfortable when reading.”

Immediate excited chatter among the kindergarteners about reading with their buddy could be heard. It’s safe to say the stuffed animal company will go a long way in helping the Frank kindergarteners as they get more comfortable reading.

“I love my reading buddy because it’s so soft,” said Mateo Alvarez, a student in Elizabeth Brus’ class. “Plus it’s going to be there to help me read!”

FrankKinderAnimals3_400x244Thank you so much to the folks at Kids Need to Read for your generosity!