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Tempe Academy Welcomes Visiting Teachers from Mexico

Post Date:09/05/2017 4:27 PM

TAISMexicoVisit1_400x244Tempe Academy of International Studies is a place for students and teachers alike to thrive as learners and grow as global citizens. At the beginning of August, the school welcomed visiting teachers from Mexico to attend a professional development seminar and work with Tempe Academy teachers.

The partnership for that day was made possible by the Global Launch initiative at Arizona State University. The initiative’s Televisa Program provided the opportunity for visiting teachers from Mexico to stay in Arizona for two weeks, where they attended workshops to learn about classroom management, differentiated instruction, using rubrics to support learning and evaluation, and using of technology in the classroom.

TAISMexicoVisit2_400x244“We hope to inspire the people who come through our program to make a positive impact in their communities, and maybe even the world,” said CONNECT Activities Coordinator and International Educator for Global Launch Linda Waldenberger.

Seven visiting teachers from the Televisa Program were able to participate at Tempe Academy to learn about the school’s unique approaches to learning. The visiting teachers were able to learn more about the school’s implementations of the International Baccalaureate program as well as ask questions and share experiences with Tempe Academy teachers.

“It is fascinating to hear the conversations happening around the room,” said Tempe Academy Principal David Owen. “It’s a great collaborative opportunity for our teachers to share ideas based on their different experiences.”

Visiting Teacher Idalia Barrera Garcia came a long way from home to attend the professional development seminar at Tempe Academy. Barrera Garcia is a teacher in the city of Torreon in Mexico. She will be a principal at a rural preschool in her city and believes that the tools she learned at Tempe Academy will help further her instruction techniques implemented at her school.

TAISMexicoVist3_400x244“This has been a really great experience, not just for me, but for my students and staff whom I will share these ideas with at home,” said Barrera Garcia. “I hope that I can bring positive changes and new ways of teaching at my school, so my students always have the best of me.”

Other Televisa teachers also provided positive feedback about their experience visiting schools and learning from various professional development seminars.

“Many noted how inspired they were after their stay here,” said Waldenberger. “They hope to bring that inspiration back to help educate and motivate their students and the people in their communities.”

As our world changes, the sharing of ideas and experiences becomes more important than ever before. We extend our utmost gratitude to the teachers of the Televisa Program and the Global Launch initiative at ASU for collaborating and learning with our Tempe Academy teachers.

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