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Scales Technology Academy Wins Best Video at the 2017 PBISAz Film Festival!

Post Date:11/02/2017

ScalesPBISFilmAward_680x400 The Fifth Annual PBISAz Film Festival proved that schools continue to inspire audiences with their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) videos. Schools representing the K-12 spectrum from across Arizona showcased a brilliant diversity of ideas, approaches, and talent to share different aspects of PBIS with their audience.

Scales Technology Academy was one of seven schools selected for best video this year! This video was also crowned the Fan Favorite in a live audience poll taken at the Behavior Education Technology Conference (BET-C) on October 5, 2017.

The video, titled “Hello From the Other Slide,” was created to reinforce positive expectations for behavior on the playground at Scales Technology Academy. The video was a creative play on words from the popular Adele song, “Hello.” It was written, filmed, and directed by students, and it also stars several students.

Fourth-grader Michael Reed was one of the students who starred in the video.

“I was pretty excited to find out that we won,” said Reed. “I think it’s important to know how to treat each other on the playground so that our school is safe and no one gets hurt.”

Scales Librarian Olivia Gersten introduced the idea of creating a PBIS video to her students after hearing about the PBISAz Film Festival from Tempe Elementary PBIS Coordinator Mindy Udall. Gersten co-wrote the lyrics of the song with then fourth-grader Chevelle Richardson.

“Initially, it was just intended to be a fun and innovative way to address our positive expectations of behavior on the playground,” explained Gersten. “Nearly 80 students were involved in the production of this video, so we were delighted when we found out that we won!”

Gersten and her students chose to address playground behavior in their video because Scales had noted it as one of their areas they would like to see improvement. The video proved itself effective because after the viewing, there were fewer reported issues happening on the playground.

The video was submitted to the PBISAz Film Festival in February. Bannor Kimpel, now a sixth-grader, who helped direct the video was thrilled to find out about the achievement especially because he hopes to be a film producer when he grows up.

For the past seven years, PBIS practices have been a district-wide initiative. Administration, support staff, teachers, counselors, and psychologists are all on board to help integrate these positive behavioral practices at our schools and share them with parents and students. Most importantly, Tempe Elementary students fulfill this expectation by directly benefitting from PBIS practices each and every day. Last year, a record number of 14 schools were awarded PBIS Achievement Awards. You can read more about this accomplishment here.

“I love my role as the PBIS Coordinator because it allows me to be at all of our schools and see all the creative ways they choose to implement PBIS,” said Udall. “I am thrilled to see Scales win this award and to have been at the BET-C to see the audience’s impression of our students’ work!”

“I think addressing our PBIS expectations through film has been an excellent way to inspire our students,” said Gersten. “We are getting ready for our next film and focusing it on another area of need at our school.”

Please watch Scales’ video below:


PBISAz has not yet announced when they will be accepting submissions for their 2018 film festival, but you can learn more about this year’s festival at If you are interested in submitting a video for next year, please reach out to Mindy Udall at for more information.

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