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Carminati Introduces New World Language Learning Lab

Post Date:11/02/2017 11:30 AM

CarminatiWorldLanguage1_400x244This year, Carminati Elementary has implemented a World Language Program into their curriculum in order to present students with the tools needed to learn another language and better prepare them for a world that’s more connected than ever before.

The languages being offered are Italian, Spanish, French, and German as well as English for English Language Learners, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Carminati’s computer lab has been equipped with Rosetta Stone, a language learning software, and thus has become the World Language Lab on campus.

“It’s been quite a change,” mentioned Carminati Computer Lab Assistant Sabine Kasztan. “The room in the past has been mostly used for testing, but this year the room opened up to become what it is now the World Language Lab.”

Each student, from first- through fifth-grade, heads to the lab twice a week to work with Rosetta Stone. They are given their own headset with a microphone so they can work on speaking skills of their chosen language in addition to reading and writing. The headset also allows students the chance to focus on his/her own work undistracted and learn at their own pace.

“I was so happy when we began to offer this program,” said Carminati Principal Wendy Reeck. “It’s a great opportunity to give the kids a chance to be better prepared for global society.”

“Unless students have a parent that speaks another language at home they might not get the chance to learn more than one,” Kasztan added. “That’s why I think this program is so great, it gives them that opportunity.”

CarminatiLanguages2_400x244Carminati is even seeing students learning languages they grew up around.

“Some parents opted to have their kids learn their home language to be able to better communicate with relatives who don’t speak English,” said Reeck. “They may have picked up basic skills growing up in that language, but Rosetta Stone is helping them hone those skills.”

Of course, there’s a number of reasons as to why parents and students are choosing certain languages and Makayla Pitton-Rocha, a student of Cristina Sanchez’s third-grade class, is confident in her pick.

“I’ve always wanted to go to France!” exclaimed Pitton-Rocha. “So it just made sense to me to learn French.”

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