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Curry Cougars Feel the Love Thanks to Symantec Donation

Post Date:11/29/2017 12:30 PM

CurryVolunteerTshirts1_400x244Students at Curry Elementary know that every morning after hearing their daily announcement, Principal Ken White will always sign off with a very important reminder - “You are loved every day!” Thanks to a donation by Symantec, every single student at Curry will now be able to read this important message on the back of their school pride t-shirts!

Earlier this year, Symantec reached out to Curry Elementary with the intent of donating funds to the school to help create a closer knit community. Parent Liaison Vycki Kessler Neyenhuis had the clever idea of requesting that each student receive a new school pride t-shirt with “Curry Elementary School” on the front and the school’s new catchphrase on the back - “You are loved every day at John J!”

“I decided to place our catchphrase on the back of the t-shirts so that students will see this message as they are walking through the halls, and sitting in class,” explained Kessler Neyenhuis. “I believe this will really boost the morale around campus!”

CurryTShirtDonation2_400x244Kessler Neyenhuis got the idea after overhearing Third-Grade Teacher Jon Powell coin the catchphrase by integrating the full name of the school, John J. Curry Elementary, as he said goodbye to his students for the day.

“It’s our motto,” said Powell. “We’re one big family and now they get to feel that even more with their new school shirts.”

Symantec surprised the students by personally delivering the new school shirts. Class by class, each and every student received a new t-shirt which many chose to put on right away!

“I’m going to wear it all the time,” said Kindergartener Serenity Christenson as she bounced up and down with excitement.

CurryVolunteerTeamTShirts_400x244“I’m gonna wear it even when I start middle school!” added Third-Grade Student Kayden Roeun.

Symantec volunteers consistently smiled ear to ear and stayed until every student had come by to receive their new t-shirt. The company, which is headquartered in Tempe, prides itself in participating in community outreach events throughout the year.

“We are all on cloud nine,” said Symantec Learning Consultant Courtney Wells. “All of the students are so polite and excited and it makes us feel like we are really making a difference. It’s the best way to spend the morning!”

Thank you to Symantec and Tempe Elementary staff for organizing this fantastic donation event!