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Arredondo Student Council Presents Friday Finale

Post Date:12/22/2017 3:48 PM

At Friday Finale on December 22nd, Student Council presented a funny parody of The Night Before Christmas! Happy Holidays, Roadrunners!

Twas the day before Winter Break, when all through Arredondo School

All the students were arriving not acting a fool.

The DIBELS data was hung in the cafeteria with care

In hopes that Ms. Hamati could figure out what was going on there.

 The children had been awaiting testing in single file rows

While anticipation of vacation rumbled down to their sweet toes.


DIBELS in Kinder was a big deal for teachers,

they scratched and they wriggled almost as if they were creatures.

 The teachers yelled, "Yippie!" and as they logged in to mclass

The data had shown great bursts of growth in their class.


Oral reading was tested for the first time in First

The kids took a deep breath with one great big burst.

They remembered the knowledge that they had been taught

The teachers reminded them that that cant' be bought!

 Ms. Livolsi and Mrs. Roberts encouraged their kiddos

And upon their return rewarded them with skittles!


Second grade was an entirely different little story

For each of their students left with quite a big worry.

Oral reading fluency goals had increased to almost double

Ms. Barua and Ms. Fox knew they wouldn’t be in trouble!

Each student worked hard and read with a flow

Acting as if there was nothing for them to know.


Third Grade teachers prepared the students each day

In hopes that they would reach their benchmarks for May.

 The kids in their classes worked oh so as hard too

They used one minute timers to read.  Woo!! Hoo!!

The benchmark goal for each kid in the class

Was 100 which many of them seemed to clearly surpass.


Then came the classes of the fourth and fifth grade

They waited for NWEA scores to see what they had made.

They worked harder than ever and knew it would be tricky

But gave it their all because they knew their teachers would be picky.

Both Mrs. Tabb and Ms. Peterson encouraged each student

The kids did their best and really hopped to it.

 Lewis and Anaya who taught fifth grade with honor

Both awaited the scores and thought they’d be gonners.


The results soon came in and revealed the great news

These classes had rocked it without any blues.

Ms. Hamati was pleased as she entered the room

She yelled out at the students in such a loud boom-

"Children!" she said,  "I am very pleased as can be

For each and everyone of you rocked your test! Hee, hee!"

She sprang to her feet, to her team gave a whistle,
And away they all went like the down of a thistle.
But we heard her exclaim, as she lept out of sight,

"Happy Winter Break to all, and to all a good night!"

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