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Students Depict Revolutionary War Wax Museum at Scales Technology Academy

Post Date:01/11/2018

ScalesWaxMuseum1_400x244Ryan Vaughan’s fifth-grade classroom at Scales Technology Academy was transformed into a Revolutionary War “wax museum” one afternoon as the class invited family and friends from other classes to view their video presentations on assigned Revolutionary War figures. The students were encouraged to dress up as their topic and stand still as their audience viewed the video presentation they made.

In addition to the video presentation students wrote a short essay on their historical figure and designed and created a poster. Vaughan came up with the idea as a fun way for his students to better retain the information they were learning in class.

“They had to do the research and put all the information together, then go through all of their findings multiple times in the editing process so they’re presenting, hearing, writing, and reading the information,” said Vaughan. “It’s a lot more effective than me just going over the information with them, plus they get to be a little creative!”

ScalesWaxMuseum2_400x244The kids all enjoyed being able to take the project into their own hands and come up with their own unique ideas, like Dariyan Hughes who did her project on Alexander Hamilton

“My favorite part was creating the poster, it was a lot of fun making it how I wanted it to look,” said Hughes. “I even brought in some money bag props to show how he was involved with the bank!”

Emanuel Flores, who like his assigned figure Benedict Arnold, enjoyed a bit of change.

“Everything was a lot of fun to make,” mentioned Flores. “It was nice to do something we normally don’t do in class while still learning!”