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All Thew Elementary Fourth-Graders Receive New Shoes Thanks to Community Donation!

Post Date:03/07/2018

ThewShoes1_400x244A new pair of shoes can really go the extra mile in creating an impact on a child’s life! Thew Elementary fourth-graders received a big surprise last week when Snooze: an A.M. Eatery, local breakfast and lunch restaurant, donated 100 shoes to their entire class. The donation was made possible through Shoes That Fit, a national non-profit organization that provides shoes to children in need. More than 20 Snooze A.M. employees came to Thew to interact with students and help with the donation event.

“Giving back is at the backbone of Snooze A.M. restaurants,” explained Arizona Regional Manager Beth Cochran. “We believe in helping those in our community however we can! If we didn’t have a restaurant to run, I believe even more of our staff would volunteer to be here.”

Snooze A.M. chose to support Thew students through Shoes That Fit because of their students’ high need for new shoes. Shoes That Fit began in 1992 helping children at one elementary school in Pomona, CA. Today, Shoes That Fit programs exist in more than 2,000 elementary schools in 45 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The non-profit organization has donated over 1.8 million new pairs of shoes to children in need.

ThewShoes2_400x244Director of Operations Karen McMillen shed light on the mission of Shoes That Fit, and why a new pair of shoes can mean so much to a child in need.

“A new pair of shoes is a deceptively simple thing, but it is so important,” said McMillen. “A new pair of shoes not only improves a child’s self-esteem, but also their participation at school.”

Andrea Ramirez, a food runner for Snooze A.M., was especially happy to volunteer at the Thew donation event because her son, David Aguirre, was one of the fourth-graders that received a brand new pair of shoes that day!

“I’m so thankful for Snooze A.M. for caring for kids in our community,” said Ramirez. “I couldn’t be more happy to see my son receive new shoes today. I just hope I don’t cry!”

ThewShoes3_400x300As students lined up one by one, Snooze A.M. employees handed out high fives along with new athletic shoes. Many of the students rushed back to where they were sitting to try on their new pair of shoes right away! The gym was filled with bright sneakers and smiles to match!

Fourth-grade students Alison Altamiro and Angelee Fragoso were excited because they ended up with matching pink sneakers. Both girls were excited to break them in during their Girls on the Run practice later that afternoon.

“Pink is my favorite color and I’m so excited to run in my new sneakers!” said Altamiro. “Look! They are so pretty and new.”

Thank you to Snooze A.M. and Shoes That Fit for bringing such an amazing donation to Thew Elementary students! We appreciate your dedication to the children in our community!