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More Than 700 TD3 Employees Participate in Second Annual Tech Showcase

Post Date:03/07/2018

TechShowcase1_400x244Last year Tempe Elementary held its first ever Tech Showcase and it was received with wide acclaim. Looking to expand on the success, Instructional Excellence (IE) once again hosted the showcase at the Bustoz Professional Learning Center.

With more than 700 people in attendance, the Tech Showcase’s goal was to give Tempe Elementary educators a platform to share the different kinds of technology they’ve been using in their own classrooms, collaborate with colleagues and TD3 administrators, and learn new technology skills with the goal to improve the quality of their students’ education.

Bustoz was packed as more than 100 presenters, most of whom were TD3 teachers, set up shop and were eager to share their tech.

“It was great to see our teachers sharing what they know about technology with one another,” said Fees College Preparatory Technology Integration Coach Liz Leivas. “Our teachers are preparing students for 21st century jobs and it starts with having access to quality instruction in the classroom. Tempe Elementary has true technology innovators and leaders!”

TechShowcase2_400x244Hours could be spent going through the different booths as teachers passionately showed off their coding programs, augmented reality presentations, and 3D printers. Technology changes so quickly these days that IE realized it’s necessary to have the showcase event annually to make sure teachers are able to stay up-to-date.

“Technology grows and changes exponentially!” said Leivas. “It's important that we, as a school district, are also being creative on how we grow and cultivate our teachers’ knowledge.”

Many of the booths were dedicated to not only showing off new technology, but expanding upon technology that teachers already have access to.

“As a busy teacher, it can be difficult at times to continue to increase rigor using technology. Every one of us can find ourselves using the same tools over and over again,” said Scales Technology Academy Technology Integration Coach Katherine Haynie. “The Tech Showcase is an opportunity for teachers to be reinvigorated about the importance of technology integration and to learn from their colleagues about what tools and projects are helping students learn in other parts of the District.”

Techshowcase3_400x244Another big topic for discussion at this year’s Tech Showcase was Project Based Learning.

“We had many booths that shared information on Project Based Learning techniques that had been implemented successfully in classrooms,” said Leivas. “This allows other teachers to branch out, try something new, and tweak it to better fit their class.”

“Whenever we’re able to have educators gather and learn from one another, share their passion, and combine new ideas together to stimulate creativity, we’re going to make the most of that opportunity!” said Technology Integration Specialist Cindy Inman.

Thank you so much to our Instructional Excellence Department and everyone else who worked hard to put the showcase together to make it such a huge success!