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Ward Warriors Tile Project Shows Collaboration and Teamwork

Post Date:04/19/2018 6:38 PM

Aerial photo of group of kids standing in circle with Ward Warriors tiles in the center.

The Ward Warrior tile project came about back in fall 2017 when fourth-graders at Ward Traditional Academy were learning about area and perimeter. Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Ganssle wanted to have the Director of Facilities Management Steve Pomroy come in to show the blue prints of the building so that students could see a real world application of area and perimeter. From there, it grew into a larger project in which the students would have a part in designing a small part of the new building. Pomroy and crew came in to launch the idea to the classes in February. The students then designed what math lessons they would need to know in order to complete the task: area and perimeter, volume, measurement and conversions and lines and angles. Monday through Thursday, Ganssle and Reid would teach their classes the math they needed, then on Fridays, they would work with the crew in one of the three stages: building the frame, pouring the concrete, then painting. 

This video is the culmination of this Project-Based Learning collaboration between Alison Ganssle's and Morgan Reid's fourth-grade classes and the Facilities Management Department of the Tempe Elementary School District.


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