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Trees Matter Partners with Hudson Elementary to Beautify, Shade School Campus

Post Date:05/17/2018 4:00 AM

TreesMatter1_400x244On May 11, Hudson Elementary was visited by members of Trees Matter, a Phoenix-based environmental education nonprofit organization, whose mission is to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley. Thanks the the Hudson Elementary PTA and Trees Matter, the school now has 13 new trees, which will eventually shade the playing field where students regularly exercise and have recess. In addition, all students were able to participate in the planting of the trees!

Hudson Elementary PTA Treasurer Stephanie Adams had the idea of reaching out to Trees Matter to participate in their new Trees for Schools Program. Hudson was previously trying to raise money for a shade structure to cover the outside field, so Adams decided to contact Trees Matter due to the fact the trees would not only provide shade but also beautify the campus and provide a learning opportunity for students.

“This was just a great way to get kids involved and an opportunity to get them to take ownership in their campus,” said Adams. “When the students grow, the trees will grow with them!”

Trees Matter came equipped with four different varieties of shade trees: the Chinese Pistache, Chilean Mesquite, Evergreen Elm, and Chinese Elm. Trees Matter employees greeted every Hudson Elementary class as they came out throughout the morning to learn about the trees, as well as help fill in the dirt and add water to help it grow.

TreesMatter2_400x244“This is our first official all-school planting event,” said Trees Matter Executive Director Aimee Williamson. “It’s great to kick off this event at Hudson because the PTA has been so amazing with the planning, and the school will surely benefit from these trees. It’s a great way to engage students and expose them to the importance of shade trees in the Valley.”

As each class came by to participate in the planting and watering of a new tree, it was clear to see that it had an impact on how students take pride in their school campus.

“The best part about today was that I got to dig and plant a tree,” said Kindergartener Jeremiah Ivey. “I really got to use my muscles!”

“I had a lot of fun learning about trees and putting my hands in the dirt,” added Third-Grade Student Quinn Jordan “Plus, we are helping our environment!”

To learn more about Trees Matter and learn more about how to get involved in their Trees for Schools Program, please visit their website at