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Gililland Students, Teachers Come Together to Beautify Their Campus

Post Date:10/03/2018

Gililland_Campus Cleanup_0937_Two Girls_400x244Gililland Middle School looked extra tidy on Monday morning, thanks to the efforts of several students and teachers.

Approximately 30 students and teachers met at the school on Saturday morning to beautify their school’s outside campus. The group worked together to clean their signs and murals, community garden area, and the surrounding basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields.

Eighth-Grade Social Studies Teacher Fernando Otero organized the event.

“We want our kids to take ownership and invest in their school. If they are the ones cleaning it, they will respect it,” Otero said.

Otero said that this is something he hopes to have each quarter, inviting anyone in the Gililland community to take part in.

Behavior Interventionist Heather Dunphy said that she believes students will be more likely to keep their campus clean if it’s already clean and added that seeing trash sets the tone that it is acceptable to not pick up after oneself.

“I’m truly inspired to see my students taking time out of their weekend to take pride in their community and school and to take a stand and be responsible,” Dunphy said.Gililland_Clean Up 9_29_Group_400x244

“I’m here because I want to make my school better, and I want my classmates to also,” said Seventh-Grader Charles Futter. “Our custodians work hard cleaning inside the school. They don’t need to pick up outside after us, too.”

This year at Gililland, the focus is on building up their community through events like the clean-up and other community-based events. The school’s goal is for students to grow into positive citizens.

Assistant Principal Mark Hehl said a big part of that process is for students to see their teachers modeling that at school.

“This is great for our kids to see us outside of the typical school setting, showing that we care about our school, and taking ownership of our community. I am excited to see how our community grows this year,” Hehl said.

To learn more about Gililland events, be sure to “like” their school on Facebook and keep an eye on their website event’s calendar.