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Tempe City Council Member Visits Curry Student Council

Post Date:10/26/2018

Curry_RobinArredondoVisit_400x244Before Robin Arredondo-Savage was a Tempe City Council Member, she got her start making change in Tempe Elementary schools as a Student Council member. On Friday, October 26, Arredondo-Savage went back to where she started and visited Curry Elementary School's Student Council members.

During their visit, Arredondo-Savage talked with students about what it takes to be a great leader. She asked the students to think about who had been a good leader in their life, and to consider what it was that made them a good leader. 

"Being a leader is about being a role model, and there is a big responsibility that comes with being an advocate for people, said Arredondo- Savage. "To do that, you need to be a good listener, and discuss others' opinions with those on your council in order to make positive change."

Students then talked about the importance of building relationships as a leader, and how relationships are foundational to understand what people want and what their issues are. Student Council members also had the opportunity to ask questions, like what made Arredondo-Savage want to be on the City Council, where her office building is located in Tempe, and what projects she has worked on. She shared that her goal in her role is really no different than the goal of the Student Council members - to make positive change for the people they represent. Curry_RobinArredondo_400x244

 "There is such a reward to doing things for the greater good, and working together with others to be part of something that is bigger than yourself," Arredondo-Savage said to the students. 

Arredondo-Savage ended her time with students by sharing some fun goodies, and encouraging them to keep working hard and being good role models in their schools, as that is what making change is all about. 

We are thankful for our Tempe community, and the positive role models and community connections that our students have access to. Thank you, Mrs. Arredondo-Savage, for caring about our students and community! 

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