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Someburros Owner and Book Author Pays Visit to Frank Elementary

Post Date:11/23/2018

Frank_Someburros_400x290Many people may be familiar with Arizona Mexican food restaurant Someburros, but last week, Frank Elementary students learned first-hand how this local chain got its start.

Tim Vasquez, co-owner of Someburros, paid a special visit to the school to read his newly published children’s book, "The Taco Stand", to students. The book talked about Vasquez’s grandmother, who inspired Someburros, the importance of hard work and following your passions, and always doing what matters most.

After reading the book, Vasquez shared with the students that a portion of all book sales will go to support their school. On the back cover, this message is found:

“A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Frank Elementary School in Guadalupe, Arizona, to give opportunities to children with humble beginnings.”

Vasquez shared that the money donated to the school will go toward a program to incentivize good attendance at school.

“With deep family roots in Guadalupe, Frank Elementary School was an easy choice for me,” said Vasquez. “As a school, they have such a strong community feeling and are led by a fantastic principal, Mrs. Jacobo-Smith, and the rest of her amazing staff. Getting the children to be present for school is a big challenge, so the funds raised from 'The Taco Stand' will go to buy prizes for students with perfectFrank_SomeburrosReading_400x244 attendance.”

Students finished their time with Vasquez by enjoying a Someburros taco and having a chance to ask Vasquez questions. Many students left saying they were feeling inspired to start their own restaurants!

"The Taco Stand" can be purchased at any Someburros store or on Amazon.

Thank you to the Vasquez family and Someburros for supporting our students and inspiring the next generation!

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