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Tempe Elementary School District Governing Board Receives Award from Arizona School Boards Association

Post Date:12/06/2018

Board_400x230The Tempe Elementary School District Governing Board has been selected to receive the Total Board Boardsmanship Award.

This award, from the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA), marks countless hours of professional development as a school board member, and is the fourth time the Tempe Elementary School Board has been awarded the Total Board Boardsmanship Award. This particular award is granted to a board when at least a quorum of members has attained the level of a Certificate of Boardsmanship (36 professional development hours), with the remainder having earned the Certificate of Orientation (6 professional development hours).

"The Tempe Elementary School District's mission is to inspire excellence...every child...every adult...every day. As the elected school board leaders of the Tempe Elementary School District, we too, must fulfill the District's mission and goal for staff and student commitment to achieving excellence,” said Governing Board President Rochelle Wells. “Excellence is a process which includes learning and growing as leaders. As president, I am proud of my board colleagues for investing their time to receive training that will empower us to lead our District to achieve excellence. I am honored to serve with my fellow board members and our Superintendent Chris Busch who make this commitment to achieving excellence every day."

The current board members to be honored are President Rochelle Wells, Vice President Monica Trejo, Member Teresa Devine, Member Jim Lemmon, and Member Patrick Morales. The board will receive the award on December 14 at ASBA’s Annual Awards Breakfast.

Thank you to our Governing Board Members for their commitment to excellence each and every day, and for their unconditional love and support for our TD3 community! 

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