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Curry Elementary Librarian Goes Above and Beyond, Provides Holiday Experience for Students

Post Date:12/20/2018

Kids smiling with gingerbread creationsLibrarian Renee Reidhead went the extra mile to help make the stories about gingerbread traditions and the holiday spirit come alive for second-graders at Curry Elementary.

For the last few weeks, students have been reading stories about gingerbread houses during their library time. During the 16th Century, gingerbread houses originated in Germany. In the story of Hansel and Gretel, the main characters come upon a gingerbread house in the woods.  

To celebrate the holiday season and give the students a unique hands-on learning experience, Reidhead went home and made gingerbread houses and gingerbread men from scratch, and brought it to school for students to decorate and take home. Colorful gumdrops, Cinnamon Red Hots, and various other candies were available for the children to decorate their gingerbread creations. Reidhead also saved small gingerbread scraps for the kids to have the chance to sample what gingerbread tastes like.

"I grew up in a split family. My mom worked extra hard, so we didn't have time to do special things like this around the holidays,” said Reidhead. “I think many of our kids come from similar situations, and may not get to do things like this.”Kids smiling with gingerbread house

Reidhead and the second-grade classroom teachers used the experience to teach the students about creativity. They were encouraged to make the gingerbread creations their own, and told that they didn’t have to follow the set patterns that were shared.

“It is important to give them special experiences. They will remember doing things like this more than taking a test," Reidhead shared.

Kids took turns rotating from the gingerbread men station, to working on a gingerbread house coloring sheet, to decorating a gingerbread house with a small group. One lucky boy and girl were even selected to take the gingerbread house home!

“I liked putting the candy on the gingerbread house, and making it cute. I am excited to take it home and eat it,” said Second-Grader Jacky Tecedillo, and added that this was her first time making a gingerbread house.

Thank you Renee for going above and beyond to provide a special experience for our students. Relationships matter!

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