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Meyer Montessori Students Share Cheer with Others Through Sewing Project

Post Date:01/11/2019 10:05 AM


“Have you filled a bucket today?”

This is a common phrase used in Jessica Foster’s first- through third-grade class at Meyer Montessori that stems from the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today,” written by Carol McCloud. The concept behind the phrase is simple, yet its meaning has a profound life lesson – Doing something nice for someone else makes you feel good too.

After hearing that a fellow classmate had a cousin in the hospital, students immediately felt compassion and wanted to do something kind. Sewing is a common activity in Montessori classrooms, so the students decided to sew a special stuffed animal, with the intent of giving it away to spread kindness to other kids in the hospital and “fill their buckets.”

“We talk a lot about being citizens of the world and how we can help our community. They decided that they wanted to make stuffed animals for kids in the hospital but also wanted to incorporate their stuffed animal character in a story,” said Foster. “So, they created a story book and put their stuffed animal into it. And they made it a happy story, because they want kids in the hospital to have joy.”

Foster added that this life lesson is especially important for kids at this stage in their lives.Girl smiling with story and stuffie

“At this stage of development, thinking of others can be tricky. So we’ve really been trying to teach that doing something nice for someone else makes you feel good as well,” said Foster. “Even though they became attached to their adorable stuffed animals, they were willing to let them go and give them away to make someone else’s life brighter, and this develops compassion in them.”

In addition to building hand and muscle coordination, sewing is also a multi-step process, which helps build fine motor coordination and concentration. Foster shared that her students greatly enjoy the activity.

Every child will complete a stuffed animal and story by the end of the month, and they will be donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“I liked that I got to be creative and make whatever I want, and I like that I got to write my own story. I am glad that I can make kids in the hospital happy by giving it to them,” said Third-Grader Robyn Foley.

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