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Creating a Second Home: Spotlight on Wood Elementary Teacher Lisa Andreassen

Post Date:01/31/2019 4:15 PM

Wood Elementary’s Lisa Andreassen is not just a third-grade classroom teacher, she’s a school teacher. What Wood Principal Ken White means by that is her instruction and encouragement goes beyond her classroom doors and extends to all students that she meets.

“Lisa is our new fifth-grade soccer coach and Girls on the Run coach,” said White. “Both of these positions do not necessarily include her classroom kids, but she knows that the other students in our school need love, support, and empowerment.”

Although she didn’t always know she would be a teacher, she knew that she loved working with kids through her first job working at Kid Zone and her babysitting jobs. Andreassen believes it seems obvious now that she was always meant to be a teacher!

“My favorite part about being a teacher is honestly seeing the smiles on a students’ faces and receiving hugs from former students,” said Andreassen. “It is just so rewarding not only to see them make growth in the classroom, but knowing that they are happy to be at school.”

This is her seventh year teaching in the Tempe Elementary School District, but six of those years Andreassen has been at Wood Elementary. When asked what she loves most about Wood Elementary, she doesn’t know where to start! From her supportive and flexible colleagues, happy kids waving at her in the hallway, and new principal who she believes is making a world of a difference at their school, Andreassen has many great things to say about Wood Elementary. But one thing she is particularly proud of is starting each day with sharing “good things” with her students.

“They can’t wait to share something positive in their life. It’s their favorite!” said Andreassen. “I have had students say they feel like this is their second home.”

Andreassen not only loves her students, but her students love her as well.

“I think she is really fun, helpful, and nice,” said Third-Grader Amelia Forrer. “One time, I didn’t know an answer to a math problem and she helped me until I knew how to answer it on my own.”

“One time when we did well on a test, she gave us all ice cream,” added Third-Grader Kaleb Dickinson. “It was the best day ever.”

This year, Andreassen is enjoying her role as a classroom teacher alongside her role as a coach! Being a soccer player herself, she accepted the fifth-grade soccer coach position in a heartbeat. Andreassen spends her Saturdays coaching students as they learn, play, and compete in soccer games.

“I get tears in my eyes after every game,” said Andreassen. “I have had my fifth-grade boys even ask if we can have two-hour practices instead of one. They love it so much!”

As for the Girls on the Run team, Andreassen has had a blast working with former and new students and being able to help them build confidence in running a 5K.

“I am not just called Ms. Andreassen at school now, but I am also Coach Andreassen when I walk by the fifth-graders. That makes me feel pretty cool!”

With strong instruction, positive data, and being loved by students inside and outside of her classroom, Lisa Andreassen is a great example of how relationships matter within our Tempe Elementary School District! Thank you Lisa for your dedication to our students!
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