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Tempe Elementary Students Compete in Annual Tempe Sister Cities Geography Bee

Post Date:02/28/2019

Geography Bee Winners posing with adults and awards"What is the term for herders and their livestock who migrate in search of grazing land?"

That was the deciding question for the annual Tempe Sister Cities Geography Bee held on February 20 at Tempe City Chambers.

Nomads, the correct answer to the question, was answered by the winner Charly Bisson, an eighth-grade student at Ward Traditional Academy.

Twenty students competed in the preliminary round, and seven students progressed to the final round. In the last round, two students participated in a 10-question tiebreaker to determine second- and third-place. That is the largest number of tiebreaker rounds in TD3 geography bee history.

The second- and third-place winners were Axel Stewart, fifth-grader at Broadmor Elementary (second), and Mark Benkert, eighth-grader at Connolly Middle School (third).

“The Geography Bee is a great opportunity for our students to apply and share what they have learned with others,” said Tempe Elementary Gifted and Social Studies Coordinator Lori McClellan. “For students who have an interest in geography, it highlights their strengths and allows them the chance to celebrate their success from the school level as they come together with their peers at this District level ceremonial bee.”

Regardless of the outcome of the ceremonial bee last week, all students have the opportunity to progress to the State Bee. Based on the results of the online test provided by National Geographic, the top 100 students in Arizona will be selected and announced at by March 4. They will compete on March 29 at the National Geographic State Bee in Tucson.

A bank of approximately 1,000 questions was created for the Tempe Sister Cities Bee. McClellan partnered with professors from Arizona State University and members of Tempe Sister Cities to create a mix of questions ranging from physical to cultural geography.

Other Bee questions included:

"Name one of the two landlocked countries in South America.”
“About one third of New Zealand's population lives in the area around its largest city. Name this city."

Congratulations to all the Bee contestants. Thank you Tempe Sister Cities, Geography Bee Coordinator Lori McClellan, our judge Dr. John Wilson, moderator, and everyone else who helped make this event happen!

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