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Scales Technology Academy Parent Brings Technology Alive in School Halls

Post Date:02/28/2019

Principal smiling with mural artistPerched on a wooden ladder wearing earbuds, Jamie Warner paints colorful strokes on the hallway wall outside of the library at Scales Technology Academy.

Students walking by, stop, and “ooh and ah” at the scenes.

“That’s me!” one child exclaims to her friend, pointing at a figure in the painting with a similar hair color.

Warner, parent of a fourth-grade student at Scales (and another student at Gililland Middle School) and local artist and co-owner at Yellow Jacket Comics in Tempe, has been painting the floor-to-ceiling mural on the wall outside the school office doors, showing students using technology.

Warner, who was asked by Principal Andrew Lebowitz to take on the project, got her inspiration from the school’s premise of using technology, and integrated the things they are learning about into the mural.

Some of the scenes show kids creating videos using a green screen, working in Adobe Photoshop, coding, using virtual reality, and many other aspects.

“I want the kids to see what futures they can have, and to give them career ideas to see where technology can take them,” Warner shared. “Things like robotics, engineering, creating video games and music – there are so many possibilities.”Student pointing at mural

Principal Andrew Lebowitz said that since he came on as principal, his goal has been to make the school campus more kid-centered.

After spending a couple of months brainstorming with Lebowitz, Warner spent several months completing the painting process.

“Scales Technology Academy is a school for innovative learning, and we wanted the mural to show the technology that our kids use each day,” shared Lebowitz. “It’s been so cool for the kids to see Jamie in action and see the process and the work that goes into creating something great like this.”

“It’s been a labor of love,” Warner added. Thank you to Jamie Warner for all your hard work in helping to beautify the Scales Technology Academy campus!

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