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Lead Learners: Tempe Elementary Principals Spend Day Learning From One Another

Post Date:03/06/2019

Principals meeting collage

As the first bell rang on Thursday morning, February 28, students at many Tempe Elementary schools found not one, but two principals out welcoming them to school for the day.

As part of their monthly leadership meeting, Tempe Elementary principals took a break from the conference room they typically meet in and paired up for the day to learn about each others’ campuses.

“Every month, our principals gather together for a day to collaborate and be inspired by one another,” said Executive Director of School Leadership Dr. Christine Trujillo. “For February’s meeting, we took a break from our usual meeting format and got out to see each other in action.”

Trujillo set the purpose for the day, and provided specific things for principals to be watching for as they toured the campus. Principals took turns walking through each others' halls as they greeted students, and made observations in classrooms, processes and procedures, and many other aspects that go into running a school. Once finished at one school, they headed over to the other partner’s campus.

“We have so much expertise in this District, and this was an incredible opportunity for them to learn more about each other and to develop their skills with a friend and colleague,” Trujillo added.

“Dr. Trujillo created one of the most eye-opening, energizing, and positive learning opportunities for all of the principals,” shared Wood Elementary Principal Ken White. “I was fortunate enough to get to shadow Dr. Mark Eley at Rover Elementary, and I was so impressed and excited by the amazing use of 1:1 technology as a tool to enhance instruction at Rover! I left so excited to become part of that movement, and there is no doubt in my mind how to best support my teachers in that quest.”

Fuller Elementary Principal Michelle Hart was paired with Hudson Elementary Principal Dr. Jeff Shores.

“As a principal, you’re inside your school bubble and you don’t often get the chance to see how other principals do things,” Hart said. “It was a really great day of learning from each other.”

Tempe Elementary believes that every individual is a lifelong learner, and principals are leading the way for students to continue their path of being lifelong learners.

“Principals are our lead learners, and this opportunity was for them to continue to grow and shine as that lead learner,” Trujillo said.

Lead learners set the pace and ensure conditions are met for learning to take place in schools. We are grateful for the amazing lead learners we have at each school, that collaborate together and go above and beyond for the students of TD3.

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