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Spreading Smiles – One Note at a Time!

Post Date:04/25/2019 5:25 PM

Teacher and student. Student is holding up paper signs that say "you rock" and "you are the best"Paige Pittman, SEALS teacher at Scales Technology Academy, started having one of her students, Second-Grader Gage Davis write positive messages on index cards and pass them out around the school. Messages like: “You’re the best!” and “Have a great day!” and “Don’t forget to smile!” were among the notes hand delivered to fellow students, teachers, and other staff members.

The SEALS Program in the Tempe Elementary School District helps students with special needs, giving them routines, work systems, and work jobs, helping them with verbal and nonverbal communication, and teaching them life skills, social skills, and behavior management through sensory input integrated throughout their day.

It began as a “sensory break” for Gage, a sweet, quiet boy with special needs, but Pittman thought, “Why can’t we turn it into a way to distribute positive messages throughout the school?” Then during state testing month, a stressful time for everyone, Pittman thought it would be a good way to boost students’ and teachers’ morale and give them that little reminder that, “We’ve got this!”

What seemed like a simple idea to help her student turned into a way to help others and bring a smile to their day! Please watch our video below to see Gage’s project in action.