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Nevitt Elementary School Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Welcomes Community from the Past and Present

Post Date:08/29/2019

Nevitt Ribbon Cutting on StageNevitt Elementary recently hosted their highly anticipated ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 22, 2019 in conjunction with the school’s Curriculum Night. The event brought parents, students, and the community together to celebrate an important moment in the school’s history.

Event attendees gathered in the school’s new multipurpose building where a large, navy blue ribbon was displayed across their new school stage. Nevitt Elementary Choir began singing songs as community members, parents, and dignitaries filed in to partake in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Nevitt Principal Vernice Sharpe welcomed guests by first thanking everyone who came to the school’s event. In addition to thanking parents, students, and Tempe Elementary School District leadership and school governing board members for their support, Sharpe also expressed gratitude to Concord General Contracting, the construction team that helped build their new school.

“This journey that we have been on for the last year and a half has been interesting and full of opportunities for students to learn about building and design,” said Sharpe. 

The school, originally built in 1973, underwent extensive renovations over the 2018-2019 school year, expanding the campus to 96,000 square feet. The campus now has a two-story building which is about 62,000 square feet and includes approximately 44 new classrooms.

The new and renovated spaces, part of the work undertaken by Concord General Contracting, included:

  • Natural daylight and LED lighting throughout. 

  • 2012 Energy Code Requirements and Building Energy Management System in use.

  • Separate cafeteria and multipurpose room that can be used at the same time.

  • More energy savings with less exterior doors and access points with energy efficient windows.

  • More centralized parent and community gathering areas for easier use for night or community events.

  • Student breakout spaces.

  • Outdoor learning area designed by Nevitt students.

  • Artificial turf used in the courtyard.

  • Outdoor dining and shade area.

In addition to celebrating the new features of the building, Nevitt Elementary also had the opportunity to celebrate the past. A special guest to the evening’s ribbon-cutting ceremony was in attendance – Ann Nevitt, the widow of Larry Nevitt, son of Harold Nevitt, after whom Nevitt Elementary School was named. Nevitt Ribbon Cutting

Harold Nevitt was a Tempe native, attending Tempe Elementary Schools as well as Tempe High School and what was then called Arizona State Teachers College, now ASU. He taught for six months before joining the Naval Corps during World War II. For 22 years, he served the Tempe community, first on the Board of Trustees and then Tempe City Council. 

Ann Nevitt taught in the Tempe Elementary School District for 40 years. First at Rural School in 1965, then Laird School, Meyer Elementary, Nevitt Elementary, and Fuller Elementary. Nevitt’s son, Larry, Jr., was also there and helped cut the ribbon, 46 years after being at the grand opening of the original Nevitt School.

“We greatly appreciate this honor and celebrating the Nevitt Elementary family, if Harold were alive today, he would be very proud,” said Nevitt.

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