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Yearlong 1:1 Access Rollout Completed in Tempe Elementary

Post Date:02/27/2020

Curry Debuting New Devices

Thanks to the efforts of many individuals, all Tempe Elementary schools now have 1:1 technology access for students. This exciting accomplishment was completed during the span of one year for all elementary schools.

This project was a joint effort between Tempe Elementary’s Tech Cadre, Technology Integration Coaches, Tech Specialists, and School Support and Systems team. Countless hours of work went into developing support and training for teachers to be able to successfully implement the new technology in their teaching.

“A partnership between the IT department and the Ed Tech Coaches allowed these devices to be deployed while simultaneously supporting teachers,” said School Support and Systems Director Cindy Denton. “The biggest thank you goes to our principals and teachers for embracing 1:1 access for students and using technology to expand teaching strategies and learning outcomes.”

Fuller Elementary Fifth-Grade Teacher Kelsy McNeely shared that the number one way the 1:1 access rollout has positively impacted her students' achievement is in the quality and efficiency of the feedback they receive on their work.

“Because my students are able to do almost all of their assignments on the computer, when they share their assignments with me through Google Drive or through Google Classroom, I am able to analyze their work, give them their grade in a timely manner and type up specific feedback regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Before the 1:1 rollout, it took me so long to grade papers and write specific feedback to my students; therefore, the students were getting their assignments back several days after the content was taught with little to no feedback because I just did not have the time.  Now, I am able to quickly type some specific feedback for each assignment that guides them in adjusting their work on their assignments, ask clarifying questions, reflect on their efforts, and make growth within the content area, all within in a timely manner.”

Enjoy the video below that showcases the 1:1 Access Rollout taking place across the District.

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