Frequently Asked Questions

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Do all Special Needs students ride on Special Needs buses?
Special Needs transportation will be provided for students who are determined to need special transportation as a result of their IEP because of a disability or location of their specific program. Otherwise, they will ride the regular school bus or walk to school. 

Do students receive door-to-door service?
The Transportation Assistant may only assist your child on and off the bus in the area in and around the bus. They cannot assist your child beyond the curb-thus the term "curb-to-curb" service. 

What if a student is picked up and dropped off at an address other than home?
Bus routes can only allow for one address for the pick-up and one address for the drop-off, five days a week. One-day changes cannot be made. Choosing day care close to home will help reduce your child's riding time.

Will my child be able to let himself/herself in with his/her own key?

Yes, once you provide written permission to do so. However, if your child forgets the key, we cannot go back to school to get it. Leaving a spare with a neighbor is a good idea. 

How long will the bus wait for my child in the morning and will the bus come back if we miss it?
Special Needs school bus routes can vary according to the needs of each student. Slight delays are possible. Be sure to be outside with your child 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. The bus will only wait 1 minute. The driver cannot come back because of traffic, other students needing pick-up and because of other trips the driver must make. If you do miss the bus, please transport your child to school and check in with the office upon arriving at school.

Can medication be transported by my child's bus driver?
Your child's bus driver or assistant may not transport medication for your child.  This is mandated by the Arizona Department of Administration Minimum Standards for School Bus Drivers. The parent will be responsible for transporting medication to school.

Does my child need to carry identification?
For safety purposes, each student should carry or wear identification. This should include the student's name, address, home and emergency phone numbers along with the school of attendance.