Transportation Responsibilities

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What are the responsibilities of the Bus Driver?

  • Our Bus Drivers work directly for the school district, under the supervision of the Transportation and School Safety Department.
  • School Bus Drivers are professionals who carry several credentials and receive extensive training for their important jobs.
  • They are responsible for driving the bus safely, transporting the students and staying on schedule. They aide the bus assistant with the handling and care of the students.
  • The Bus Drivers have been instructed not to honk their horns at bus stops, please do not ask them to. Be waiting outside, the bus will only wait 1 minute before leaving.

What are the responsibilities of the Bus Assistant?

  • School Bus Assistants have current training in CPR; first aid and proper wheelchair tie down techniques, as well as emergency evacuation skills for special needs students.
  • Secure seat belts, wheelchairs, and car seats.
  • Maintain discipline, ensuring students are safe, and that they remain in their seats, sharing problems with the teachers.
  • Administer and seek emergency medical help when needed.
  • Most commonly interact with the parents.
  • Bus Assistants are instructed not to go to the door or upstairs with students. Someone designated by the family must meet the child at the bus.