Student & Safety Conduct

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Review all of the TD3 Transportation web pages with your child.

  • Go over the Zero Tolerance program with your child. Help them understand why these rules are in place and how important it is to follow them.
  • Do not allow your child to go out to the bus stop with prohibited items, such as; glass items, animals, insects, reptiles (alive or dead), skateboards, etc. For a complete list of prohibited items, see the Zero Tolerance Plan.
  • Ensure your child is at the bus stop between 5 and 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
  • Elementary late bus stops are the same as their regular bus stops.
  • Middle School late bus stops for middle school students are different; we have fewer late bus stops than regular stops.
  • Give your child a note if they need to take a different bus. The school office must approve the note before your child rides the different bus.
  • Give your child a note if they need to get off at a different bus stop than which they are assigned. This note can be given directly to the driver, without the school office approving it.
  • If you have concerns, call the Transportation Office at 480-642-1540. Please, do not confront a driver at the bus stop or at the school about a problem.
  • Only authorized TD3 students may ride the school buses. Please do not send friends along to ride the bus with your child. Parents may also not board school buses.  

Emergency Procedures

  • If the bus is running late, the children should wait at the stop. A parent should call our office at 480-642-1540 to verify the bus status.
  • If a child gets on the wrong bus, instruct them to tell the bus driver. Children should learn their phone number and address, or carry the information with them.
  • Children should remain calm and quiet on the bus if it is ever involved in an accident.
  • Parents should keep emergency information current at their child's school.
  • If a child is ever injured on the bus or at the bus stop, the bus driver will refer the child to the school nurse. In a serious situation, the parents and/or paramedics will be notified.

If the bus arrives in the afternoon and your child is not on board, one of several things may have happened. Your child may have: 1) Missed the bus; 2) Stayed after school; 3) Taken the wrong bus.  If you are at the stop, ask the driver for assistance. Otherwise, contact the school first; then transportation.