A Day in the Life of a Sixth-Grader Using Chromebooks

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Have you ever marveled at the amount of technology in our world today, the ease of access, the sheer variety of technology at our fingertips, and the ever amorphic shape of the future of technology? Now, have you ever wondered about the impact of technology in education today and what the future of technology integration will be in our schools? If you have, then you should see what we’re doing right now, today with one-to-one Chromebooks in the classrooms at Tempe Elementary School District.

This video gives you a glimpse into the world of our middle school students using Chromebooks. Countless learning opportunities have been provided to these students using Chromebooks.

Enjoy this simulation of a possible "day in the life" of a sixth-grade student in the Tempe Elementary School District. You will see how using Chromebooks for instruction, can and will, change the lives of our students and will assist them in becoming an active participant in a global society.