Amy Garza - Winner of the 2018 Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award

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Joe Spracale worked continuously in the Tempe Elementary School district, first as a teacher, then as a principal for 34 years. Upon his retirement as principal 1991, he continued his commitment to improving the lives of Tempe’s children and families. He is currently president of the Tempe Impact Education Foundation. An enduring love of Tempe and its residents is the motivation behind Joe’s service to his community. There is no greater honor for a district employee to receive than the Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award. 

This award is given each year to an employee of the Tempe Elementary School District who has made a major contribution to the education of the children in the District for a minimum of 10 years.

Amy is a dedicated and compassionate employee who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. It’s easy to see when Amy is working with students and teachers how passionate she is about her job. With an endless toolbox of words, photos and designs, Amy’s creativity is always pushing new boundaries. Her finished work continually shines a bright spotlight on the successes of TD3 students, employees and schools. Selfless and humble, Amy is always putting others before herself. As one of her colleagues notes: “Amy is one of those unique people who cares so much about everything around her.”