Laura Hauer - Winner of the 2016 Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award

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Joe Spracale worked continuously in the Tempe Elementary School district, first as a teacher, then as a principal for 34 years. Upon his retirement as principal 1991, he continued his commitment to improving the lives of Tempe’s children and families. He is currently president of the Tempe Impact Education Foundation. An enduring love of Tempe and its residents is the motivation behind Joe’s service to his community. There is no greater honor for a district employee to receive than the Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award.

This award is given each year to an employee of TD3 who has made a major contribution to the education of our children for a minimum of 10 years. No one over the last 31 years has cared more about serving the educational needs of children than Laura Hauer.

She is a perfect candidate for this award because she’s given her heart and her soul to the Tempe Elementary School District. She cares passionately about the children and the staff of this district, and she has taken hours and hours and hours away from her own family to help support our employees and our children.  

At the bottom of every decision she’s made over three decades of being a teacher, a supervisor and currently the executive director of human resources, is the courage to do what’s best for children — even when that decision isn’t always popular. Laura has always been such a strong advocate for children who have no advocate. She treats our employees and our children with kindness and respect. Laura Hauer truly is the epitome of why this award is given.