Fine Arts

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Fine Arts

Recognizing the importance of an educational experience that includes the arts, Tempe Elementary School District and it's community are committed to providing rich and varied experiences for our students.

Fine Arts opportunities differ from site to site and may include music, art, theatre, dance, and media arts.  


Music education is valued and supported in Tempe Elementary School District.  Music is offered from kindergarten through fifth grade and in middle school as an elective.  General music classes, beginning band, orchestra, and choir classes are provided in the elementary schools.  Band, orchestra, choir, guitar, music technology, and musical theater classes are provided at the middle school level.  


Kindergarten through fifth grade students receive art instruction from their classroom teacher – often integrated across the curriculum.  At the middle school level, the majority of sixth graders will have an art class on their elective wheel, and seventh and eighth graders can choose it as an elective.  Art instruction is based on the Arizona Visual Arts Standards.  

Studio Artist Program

The Studio Artists Program is a partnership between Tempe Elementary School District and the city of Tempe.  The Studio Artists Program provides every third, fourth, and fifth grader a three/four hour hands on workshop with an artist.  There are two artists assigned to each of these grades, and their workshop focuses on their art forms.

To learn more about the Studio Artist Program and to learn about the artists and their artwork as well as their workshops with us, click here.

For information on the program, contact Pat Burdette,