Gifted Education (PACE)

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Promoting Actualization through Creativity and Excellence (PACE)

Welcome to Gifted Education!

The Gifted Education Department at Tempe Elementary School District No. 3 is committed to providing discovery, enrichment, and accelerated learning opportunities to serve the cognitive and affective needs of gifted children while fostering recognition and development of their individual strengths. A “gifted child” is defined as one who displays superior intellect and/or advanced learning ability and who needs special instruction to reach appropriate levels of achievement.

This site is designed to help parents answer questions regarding how to support the needs of their gifted child.  It contains sections on:

  • Bright vs. Gifted

  • Gifted Identification and Testing 

  • Gifted Scope & Sequence

  • Additional Information & Links

Contact Information

Do you have questions related to gifted education?  Our gifted staff is available to support your needs. 

2019-2020 School Year Assignments

Gifted Teacher

School Sites


Phone Number

Shannon Arroyo  Aguilar & Wood

(480) 897-2544 x4349 - Aguilar 
(480) 838-0711 x7511 - Wood

Rhonda Ray  Arredondo & Scales (480) 897-2744 x4457 - Arredondo
(480) 929-9909 x6994 - Scales
Pam Kraus  Broadmor (480) 967-6599 x4580 
Morgan Reid  Broadmor (480) 967-6599 x4580
Rebecca Skinner  Carminati  (480) 784-4484 x4743
Elizabeth Robles  Arredondo, Hudson &Thew  (480) 967-8336 x7054 Thew
Meg Masters  Frank & Nevitt  (480) 897-6202 x5470 - Frank
Maren Mueller
 Fuller (480) 897-6228 x5670
Amy Evans  Fuller (480) 897-6228 x5681
Margaret Voorhies
 Holdeman (480) 966-9934 x6039
Julie Metheny  Hudson  (480) 897-6608 x6126
Kate Helm  Curry  (480) 967-8336 x5008
Ellen Miller  Laird & Fuller  (480) 897-6228 x5681 - Fuller
(480) 970-4231 x6253 - Laird
Vanessa Johnson  Rover & Meyer (480) 584-6339 x6526 - Meyer
(480) 897-7122 x6824 - Rover
Laura Knorr  Rover (480) 897-7122 x6862
Cheryl Wiltbank  Ward (480) 491-8871 x5317
Cheryl Ouzounis  Ward (480) 491-8871 x5317

You may also direct questions to the Gifted Education Department at (480) 730-7306 where you can reach Lori McClellan, Gifted Coordinator, or Susan Kittle, Administrative Assistant.