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The Nutrition Services Department supports the health and academic success of all students by offering appealing nutritious meals. We serve approximately 3,100 breakfasts and 8,600 lunches daily. That equates to over 2,000,000 total meals a year!

We feel a sense of responsibility to be a proponent for student wellness and our job starts in our school cafés and central kitchen facility. Our team works hard to procure foods that contain minimal ingredient lists eliminating additives such as soy, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, and BHA/BHT. We use mainly whole muscle chicken; soy and allergen free turkey products; and cheeses that contain no additives or binders.

Atom Apple_Remix_SmartKids_EatSmartAt our café sites, staff can be found making homemade chili, assembling fish tacos, hand wrapping burritos, and roasting vegetables. Our elementary schools participate in a unique ‘Take 2’ fruit and vegetable program while our middle schools are all equipped with self-select salad bars. In our central kitchen facility fresh entrée salads, sandwiches, hummus, salsa, breakfast muffin batter, seasonings, and condiments are made daily.

We are proud to be a part of the student experience in our schools. Our dedication and commitment to feeding children healthy nutritious meals is our primary focus. We intend to continue to support our Vision:

Leaders in providing quality, nutritious meals through an innovative and collaborative approach with the school community to support optimal health and student achievement.

We thank you for your support!

       -  The Nutrition Services Team


Field Trip Fun at Our Central Kitchen!

We welcomed in a first-grade class from Broadmor Elementary School in April. Students saw how we prepare local fresh food from start to finish, and also got to taste test many of our signature recipes! 

Watch our Excellence Begins With Take 2 video


Nutrition Services Department Staff
Name and Position
Linda Rider M.S.,R.D.,
(480) 642-1541 x7606
Andrea Heaton,
Administrative Assistant
(480) 642-1541 x7604
Nutrition Trainers

(480) 642-1541 x7611

(480) 642-1541 x7633

Emma Kitzman,Supervisor
(480) 642-1541 x7612
Christina Amparan,
Meal Applications & Catering
(480) 642-1541 x7608
Bernadette Godinez,
(480) 642-1541 x7613
Joe Kautsky,
Application Support Analyst
(480) 642-1541 x7603