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The Tempe Elementary School District is located in the heart of the “Valley of the Sun.” It encompasses an area of approximately 36 square miles including not only Tempe but also parts of Phoenix and the Town of Guadalupe. Arizona State University, the fifth largest campus in the nation (with more than 67,000 students) is within the district’s boundaries providing professional and educational opportunities.

The 23 schools in the Tempe Elementary School District consist of 14 elementary schools grades kindergarten through five, a developmental special needs school, four middle schools grades six through eight, a K-8 school, a K-8 traditional school, and a Montessori school. On the campus of Connolly Middle School is the ASPIRE Academy, designed for gifted students in grades six through eight. The district’s middle school concept addresses the unique needs of early adolescent students. This middle school structure establishes a nurturing environment as students experience the elementary to high school transition.

The student population of Tempe Elementary School District No. 3 consists of diverse cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic groups. Its proximity to ASU promotes our rich diversity. There are approximately 12,000 students in the district. 


In 1874, Tempe School District No. 3 became the third school district in Maricopa County. While earlier accounts refer to children attending a two-story school on Eighth Street in the vicinity of McAllister Avenue, the district came into official existence by June 1874.

Judge John Alsap reported to Governor Safford that there were 47 children in District No. 3 compared to only 20 in Phoenix District No. 1 and 41 in Riverside District No. 2. By May 1875, Judge Alsap recorded a total of $188.94 in the account of Tempe School District No. 3.

The list of teachers and their accomplishments has since grown throughout the years. While many children have passed through our classrooms and playgrounds for more than 100 years, we continue to focus our attention on the education of every child.

We hope you find the information on our district helpful and interesting. Should you have questions, please contact our Strategic Partnerships and Communication department at (480) 730-7195. 

Fast Facts

Number of Schools: 22
Grades Served: Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight
Cities/Municipalities Served: Tempe, Town of Guadalupe and portions of South Phoenix

Enrollment: (info. revised 10/29/2018)
District: 11,701

Elementary Schools
Aguilar: 490
Arredondo: 389
Broadmor: 673
Carminati: 347
Curry: 540
Frank: 506
Fuller: 634 
Holdeman: 520
Hudson: 480
Meyer Montessori: 62
Nevitt: 773
Rover: 471
Scales Technology Academy: 439
Thew: 514
Wood: 472

Middle Schools
Connolly: 1,140
Fees College Preparatory: 827
Gililland: 871
Tempe Academy of International Studies: 336

K-8 Schools
Laird: 462
Ward Traditional Academy: 457

Preschool/Special Needs
Getz: 188

Total Number of District Employees: 1,616 (info. revised 10/29/2018)
Teachers: 784 (classroom, specialized, librarians, etc.)
Administrative: 76
Specialists: 32 (speech therapists, etc.)
Psychologists: 19
Nurses: 21
Social Workers: 4
Classified: 682

Student Ethnicity Report: (info. revised 10/29/2018)
Hispanic: 51.60%
White: 20.80%
African American: 11.90%
Native American: 6.80%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 4.20%

Did You Know?

In 1878, Tempe schools was a one room adobe building on Mill and 8th street (University).

In 1891, the two adobe buildings that made up Tempe schools were replaced with a two-story brick building with three rooms on each floor.

In 1902, a volunteer fire department was organized by Carl Hayden, son of Tempe's founder. 

In September 1977, the school Board was informed that student enrollment was at 13,010.