Business Partnerships

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What is a Business/Education Partnership?

Business/Education partnerships consist of mutual commitment to a sustained collaboration between a business and a school or a school entity which benefits both partners, and which focuses on systematic change, or program development or enhancement.

The occasional use of guest speakers, solicitation of prizes or incentives, or specific one-time donations are valuable relationships at the school site level but are not partnerships under this definition. Recruiting business partnerships is not a matter of asking for money but normally involves the sharing of employee time and expertise.

How Can Business/Education Partnerships Help Schools?
The underlying goal of Business/Education Partnerships for both businesses and schools is to improve the education system in our community. Partnerships can do the following:

• Increase and/or broaden student knowledge, skills and experiences
• Expose students to new opportunities and role models
• Make learning more relevant to the “real world”
• Broaden opportunities for faculty and staff development and professional growth
• Provide opportunities for greater community involvement in schools
• Increase mutual understanding between the community and the educational system
• Bring together community and education resources to address needs in the schools.

How Can Business/Education Partnerships Help Businesses?
A key to a successful business/education partnership is that it be mutually beneficial. Schools have resources that businesses and other community organizations see as valuable. A few of the benefits businesses realize from partnerships are as follows:

• The opportunity to become actively involved in educating the future work force
• A positive image in the community as the result of their involvement with schools
• Positive perception of the business by its employees
• Improved pride and morale among the business’ work force
• Skill development among employees involved in partnership activities
• Access to resources such as school facilities (i.e. for meetings), student groups (i.e. for performances at company events), and staff development opportunities.

Individual School Partnerships

Aguilar School
Business partners include: Albertson’s, Brogan Center, First Credit Union, Food City, and WalMart Vision Center

Arredondo School
Business partners include: SRP

Broadmor School
Business partners include: ASU, The Alternative Print Shop, University of Phoenix, and The Arizona Humane Society

Carminati School
Business partners include: Motorola, Rotary Club, and TD3 Employees

Frank School
Business partners include: Honeywell, Intel, and ReMax

Fuller School
Business partners include: City of Tempe and Realty Executives

Holdeman School
Business partners include: PaymenTech and DHL

Nevitt School
Business partners include: Bank of America and F.B.I.

Thew School
Business partners include: Kiwanis Club of Tempe Nuevo

Schools not listed above do not have a business partner at this time. For more information, please contact the school.