Professional Learning Center At Bustoz

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3Bustoz_Bldg_0030wThe Professional Learning Center provides space for professional development for teachers and other instructional staff, as well as model classrooms and other key training environments. The center is located at the Bustoz facility, 2020 E. Carson Drive in Tempe.  You can reach the center at (480)730-7124.

“When we provided staff development in a conference room, we asked teachers to imagine what implementation in the classroom would look like. At the Center, we show how the management of implementation can be facilitated in the real environment,” said Bernadette Kadel, Executive Director of Instructional Excellence.

In addition to the model classrooms, offices for the Instructional Excellence staff are located at the center.

The center also houses copies of all current curriculum and resources, so while attendees learn new strategies and programs, they can readily obtain resources.

“This has been a dream and vision of our teachers and Governing Board for years. To be able to have a professional development center that focuses on improving instruction is a dream come true for our staff,” said Superintendent Chris Busch.