Spring 2016


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many members of our community who support the children and staff of Tempe Elementary School District. I am the luckiest Superintendent in Arizona because we have the most caring and committed community and there is nothing that I have needed for our children that our community has not been able to help us provide. Whether it has been passing Overrides and Bonds so that we can renovate our schools, pay for music, PE, small class sizes, full day kindergarten, or just to lend a helping hand to provide quality time with a child, food, clothing, supplies, or medical assistance, the generosity of our community is unmatched by any community in Arizona. 

Our parents and grandparents dedicate hours and hours of time helping our TD3 children succeed. Many organizations and members of our community spend countless hours raising money or working to support Tempe students and their families. The TIE Foundation gives tirelessly of their time and talent to support TD3 students and staff with scholarships, clothing, food, medical needs, and funding teacher projects through Donors Choose. Our volunteers with the City of Tempe/AARP Experience Corp work with our young students who need a little extra reading time with a caring adult.

The amazing Tempe Diablos support TD3 preschools, giving scholarships and awards to our employees, or funding teacher projects at Donors Choose. The Assistance League of the East Valley and Landings Credit Union provide scholarships and awards to TD3 employees, donate uniforms to our schools and support our district in numerous ways. The Mayor and Tempe City Council are always looking for ways to provide greater opportunities, support and funding to the children in Tempe schools.

Members of Tempe Sunrise Kiwanis, Kiwanis Club of Tempe or Tempe Kiwanis Nuevo read with our students, give presents and food to our poorest students during the holidays, fund scholarships for students and staff, provide backpacks, clothing, beans and rice and weekend backpack meals for our most impoverished students. Concord Construction, DLR Architects and our FMFL staff are teaching students about STEM and how critical the learning is for designing and building new schools.

Whoever you are, however you are enriching the lives of our children, thank you for your tireless support, generosity, kindness, care and compassion. You are the heroes of Tempe Elementary students and staff.

You are always in my thoughts,

Christine Busch


On Tuesday, May 17, there will be a special election and Prop 123 will be decided. Prop 123 settles an ongoing lawsuit between public schools and the state legislature regarding K-12 funding.

If passed, Prop 123 will:

- Generate $3.5 billion over 10 years for Arizona schools. The majority will come from the increased payout of the State Land Trust. Additionally, $625 million will come from the general fund ($50M for the first five years, then $75M for the next five years).
- Settle the inflation funding lawsuit that's been pending for five years between K-12 public schools and the state legislature.
- Raise the base level of per pupil funding (from $3,426.74 to $3,600).
- Guarantee that education funding will adjust for inflation each year.
- Provide funding to schools starting in June.
- Allow schools to decide how to use their funding. There are no strings attached to how the funding can be used.
- Include measures to manage the general fund during severe economic downturns.

If Prop 123 fails:

- Schools will not receive additional funding and the lawsuit will continue.
- There would be no guarantee that the Arizona Supreme Court will award back pay of inflation funding in the future.
- The State Land Trust payout remains at the current level.


We are so lucky to have many teachers to thank for Teacher Appreciation Week at Tempe Elementary School District. This video is only a small example of our many outstanding teachers who are passionate in their career and committed to providing a safe, fun and challenging environment for our students. We hope that all of our teachers feel loved each and every day, but we encourage you to take a moment during May 2-6 to thank a teacher that has made a difference in your life. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our wonderful educators!





Fees College Prep Accepted as an AZ STEM School of Practice

Free Swim Lessons Offered to Second-Graders at Aguilar Elementary

Fuller Elementary Becomes One of Five AZ Schools Nominated for National Blue Ribbon Award

Tempe Elementary Students Explore the World and Beyond Through Google Expeditions

Celebrating a Lifetime Achievement in Tempe Elementary

Rover Elementary's Garden "Grows" Thanks to Whole Kids Grant

Friends Helping Friends 11th Annual Drawing is May 6!

View District and School Calendars for Upcoming Events



Parents and families will receive student scores on the family score report by July 2016. The score reports tell parents and families if their child is on track to be successful in the next grade and for college and a career. The tests are an end of year (or end of course) checkpoint for parents to see how their child achieved in English and in math.

The score reports also help parents see how their child achieved in relationship to their peers in their school, their district and in the state.

In addition to giving an overall score, the score report also breaks down each subject into categories to provide you with a better understanding of how their child performed in math and English language arts.

Parents and families can use the information in the reports to guide a discussion with their child's teachers about where their child may need additional help, or where their child is ready to learn even more. In their discussion with their child's teachers, they might also discuss ways to help their child at home.

Visit www.tempeschools.org/azmerit in July for information on how to interpret and use the test results.


Lemonade, Lounge Chairs, and Lazy Days with eBooks!

eBooks are here, eBooks are here! Did you know that Tempe Elementary students have access to a library of over 4,000 eBooks? All students in grades K-8 have easy access to titles at their appropriate content and reading level. In order to access these books, students simply need to go to www.gofollett.com on a computer/mobile device or download the app (Brytewave K-12 edition), and enter their student ID number for the login and password. Once that is entered, a whole new world of reading will be available at their fingertips.

With fictional titles such as The House That's Your Home by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Percy Jackson's The Lightening Thief to non-fiction titles such as How Do Insects Protect by Megan Kopp, we have all your summer reading needs. All it takes is a simple click and students can easily check out two books at a time and enjoy reading them for 5-10 days. There is no need to worry about the school library being closed, as the Tempe Elementary librarians have everything in place for students to checkout eBooks all summer long. So, do some reading this summer and "Checkout from the Couch!"


The 27th Annual Tempe Diablos Excellence in Education Awards ceremony took place Monday, May 2 at Tempe Center for the Arts. This ceremony recognized individuals in several categories, including Class Act, High Impact, Inspiration, Leadership, Lifetime Achievement, Rising Star, and Teacher of the Year. The finalists and winners from Tempe Elementary School District are:

Class Act:
Holly Squires - Scales Technology Academy
- Sandra Uribe-Perez - Arredondo Elementary - Winner

High Impact:
- Amanda Beakley - Ward Traditional Academy
- Ariel Roller - ASPIRE Academy at Connolly - Winner

- Lisa Jones - ASPIRE Academy at Connolly
- Kirsten Proctor - Aguilar, Nevitt, Tempe Academy, Thew, Ward, Evans Learning Center - Winner

- Kacy Baxter - Fees College Preparatory Middle School - Winner
- Marianne McMurrin - Tempe Academy of International Studies

Lifetime Achievement:
- Dawn Moan-Minott - Hudson Elementary - Winner
- Rhonda Ray - Scales Technology Academy

Rising Star:
- Sarah Begoun - Arredondo Elementary
- Winner
- Nichole Tanberg - Wood Elementary

Teacher of the Year:
Tara Buchanan - Fees College Preparatory Middle School
- Aushona Tabb - Arredondo Elementary
- Tracey Valenzuela - Thew Elementary - Winner


Tempe Impact Education (TIE) Foundation's caring volunteers collaborate with community groups to foster excellence in our Tempe Elementary School District students, families, and educators by securing resources to empower them to successfully accomplish their goals.

Funds raised by TIE support:

- Connecting with Kids (a service center providing for children in need of medical and dental services, hygiene items, school supplies, eye care, clothing, and backpacks)
- Beans and Rice Program (approximately 12,000 beans and rice are distributed each year to more than 1,000 families)
- Scholarships and Transportation - for students to attend summer enrichment school
- Musical Instruments - for students so they can participate in band and orchestra
- Awards - for student and employee recognition
- Scholarships for Classified Staff and Certified Teachers - to obtain certificates in areas of critical need
- Hands-on Materials - for science and math classes
- Teacher classroom projects to support our students

The annual Spracale Education Awards Dinner celebrates the TIE Foundation and is also the biggest fundraiser of the year by TIE. This event will be held Friday, May 6. Tickets can be purchased online at www.tempeschools.org/tie.

Two major awards will be given out at this event - the Ralph and Carla Lingerfelt Commitment to the Community Award and the Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award.

Laura Hauer, executive director of Human Resources, is this year's recipient of the Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award. This award recognizes an employee of the District who has made or is making a significant contribution to education at TD3. Hauer has worked for the District for 30 years before retiring this year. During Hauer's career at TD3, she has been the recipient of many awards and achievements such as the TD3 Impact Award, the Tempe Diablos Lifetime Achievement Award, and Tempe Council for Exceptional Children's Teacher of the Year. Hauer has established herself as an integral part of TD3's mission to inspire excellence...every child...every adult...every day.




The Assistance League of the East Valley has been working with the Tempe Elementary School District for over 20 years. During those 20 years, Assistance League members have put in more than 50,000 volunteer hours supporting the Tempe Elementary School District and its families. Thanks to one of the best thrift shops in Arizona, Assistance League of the East Valley generates money that helps fund their signature program Operation School Bell, and provides clothing and school uniforms to our students so they can look and feel just like the rest of their classmates. Watch our video on their accomplishments here.



Update on Capital Override Project: One-to-One Computing

Have you ever wondered about the impact of technology in education today and what the future of technology integration will be in our schools? Wouldn't it be amazing to actually see learning take place on a Chromebook? See the video below to get a glimpse into our world today.

You will be stunned with the numerous opportunities that have been provided to our middle school students using Chromebooks.This video simulates a possible day in the life of a sixth-grade student in the Tempe Elementary School District. You will get a chance to see how using Chromebooks for instruction can and will change the lives of our students, and how it will assist them in becoming an active participant in a Global Society.

This has been an exciting year with the introduction of Chromebooks at every one of our middle schools. Teachers and students on each campus are creating, collaborating, and integrating technology with the curriculum. Students are learning to use technology along with their critical thinking skills to solve problems. Students are using their Chromebooks throughout the curriculum in our core content areas as well as our elective classes.

The middle school coaches Liz Leivas, Mark Osman, Daron Gonzales, and Paul West have been working tirelessly with teachers on integrating the Chromebook technology with their lessons. They have supplied, installed, and inventoried Chromebooks and devised a plan so the Chromebooks can go home with students who want the opportunity to access at home. The amount of time and effort given by the technology coaches and teachers at each site is evident by the usage and depth of learning that is taking place in the classrooms. This has been an exciting journey and it is thrilling to think of where this road will continue to lead us as we head deeper into our digital future. Again, thank you Tempe taxpayers for providing us this wonderful opportunity for our students!



Update on Bond Project: Laird School Rebuild

Thanks to the generosity of our taxpayers, Laird School will be ready for students on the first day of the 2016-2017 school year! The building is scheduled to be complete on Friday, May 20. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 28, along with Meet the Teacher Night, from 4 - 5:30 p.m.

Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet their teachers for the new school year. There will also be a virtual tour of the campus via iPads, with Laird STEM students providing audio commentary stating how each area will be used.



Update on Bond Project: Arredondo School Renovation

Thanks to Tempe tax payers, Arredondo Elementary School students will move to the Meyer Campus for the 2016-2017 school year while their school is being renovated. The renovations at Arredondo will expand the campus from 40,117 square feet to 66,813 feet. After completion, Arredondo will have 27 total classrooms, which include three kindergarten rooms, a pre-kinder room, three music rooms, a project lab, and an assessment lab. Within the new and renovated spaces there will be:
- Five common spaces throughout the campus within the classroom areas (breakout areas with secondary supervision)
- A new updated learning commons (library), renovated multipurpose room, and a 3,000 square foot cafeteria with a new kitchen/serving area.
- Increased parent & staff parking and student drop-off and pick-up.
- Enlarged and dedicated bus drop-off and pick-up location.
- Daylighting within all classrooms. This will result in energy savings created by the renovations and new building lighting and mechanical systems.
- Increase in security throughout the campus.
- Outdoor learning spaces.


Summer Registration Information

Tempe Elementary School District will conduct registration for the 2016-2017 school year for grades K-8 at the Sanchez Administration Center, 3205 S. Rural Rd., Tempe, AZ, Monday - Wednesday 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. from May 31 - July 6, 2016. The District Office will be closed on July 4 in observance of Independence Day. Registration will NOT be available at school offices or at the District Office from July 7 - 12. Registration will resume on July 13, 2016 at school offices.

Save the Date! Meet the Teacher Night and Middle School Schedule Pick-up

Meet The Teacher Night for Elementary Schools and K-8 Schools:
Thursday, July 28, 2016: 4:30 - 6 p.m. (all elementary schools and Ward Traditional Academy)
Thursday, July 28, 2016: 4 - 5:30 p.m. (Laird School - Ribbon Cutting to follow at 6 p.m.)

Middle School Schedule Pick-up and Meet the Teacher Night (Connolly, Fees College Prep, Gililland, and Tempe Academy of International Studies)
Thursday, July 28, 2016: 2 - 6 p.m.

Tempe Elementary School District
3205 S. Rural Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282