Arredondo Principal AlisonBruening-Hamati


Thanks to Tempe taxpayers, Arredondo Elementary School was renovated. We moved back to our state-of-the-art Arredondo building at 1330 East Carson Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282 in August of 2017. 

The renovations at Arredondo expanded the campus from 40,117 square feet to 66,813 feet. The NEW Arredondo has 27 total classrooms, which includes preschool rooms, three music rooms, a project lab, an assessment lab and much more!

Within the new and renovated spaces there are:

  • Common spaces throughout the campus within the classroom areas (breakout areas with secondary supervision;
  • A new updated Learning Commons (library), renovated Multi-purpose room, and a 3,000 square foot cafeteria with a new kitchen/serving area;
  • Increased parent & staff parking and student drop-off and pick-up;
  • Enlarged and dedicated bus drop-off and pick-up location;
  • Day lighting within all classrooms (This will result in energy savings created by the renovations and new building lighting and mechanical systems);
  • Increase in security throughout the campus;
  • Outdoor learning spaces.

We are proud that our school is a safe place where students and adults help one another to create an environment that inspires excitement for life and learning. 

We have many structures in place that help Roadrunners achieve:

  • Strong parental and community support; 

  • School wide routines and procedures so that our students are safe, respectful, and responsible;

  • Thinking Maps in all content areas and Write From the Beginning and Beyond instruction;

  • P.A.C.E (Promoting Actualization through Creativity and Excellence) programming which provides discovery, enrichment and accelerated learning opportunities to serve the cognitive and affective needs of gifted children in grades K-5;  

  • Rosetta Stone as a tool for students to learn Spanish as a second language;

  • Positive Discipline techniques and teaching that model Lifelong Guidelines and LIFESKILLS supported by Second Step Social Skills Curriculum;

  • Title 1 programming that provides academic intervention before and after school;

  • Enrichment activities along with an array of youth development opportunities before and after school using Tax Credit Donations;

  • School-wide service learning projects (Our 2018-2019 project will benefit St. Jude's Children's Hospital);

  • School uniforms to promote a sense of pride for learning in an environment that is safe and free from learning distractions.

Arredondo Roadrunners celebrate excellence every day! We value you and your children - and we appreciate that you chose Arredondo Elementary School. Visitors are always welcome! Come see the great things that are happening at Arredondo School!

It is my privilege to serve as the principal of Arredondo Elementary School. If you have further questions about Arredondo, I can be contacted at

Alison M. Bruening-Hamati, Principal