Broadmor Principal Dr. Mark Eley - Headshot of Man wearing blue tie in front of foliage


Welcome to Broadmor Elementary School, home of the Broadmor Bobcats!

Our mission: Nurturing Children, Promoting Greatness, and Success for All!

At Broadmor we are committed to meeting the needs of and challenging each student at their level of success. We do this in a setting that values kindness, creating positive, nurturing experiences for all.  

Broadmor has a rich history of being a community of learners, meaning our learning community extends beyond our classrooms, including students, staff, parents, family, our neighborhood, and community partners. We appreciate everyone that supports the success of our Broadmor students.  

One of the key organizations in supporting that community of learners is our PTA. The PTA offers many educational enrichment experiences, funding for school and teacher needs and an opportunity to build connections within our school and community. 

If you are considering joining the Broadmor community and would like to arrange a tour, or if you would like to visit or volunteer, please call the office to arrange an appointment. We welcome and appreciate your continued support.

Dr. Mark Eley, Principal