Broadmor Principal Barry Fritch


Welcome to Broadmor Elementary School, home of the Broadmor Bobcats!

The Broadmor staff is committed to making school a positive learning experience for our students.  Everyone here works diligently to provide instruction for students at their success level, differentiating instruction so that all students are challenged and experience success.

At Broadmor, we realize the importance and power of collective collaboration and that all of us bring different gifts to our school. We are a district leader in the organization of Professional Learning Communities, organized also in instructional teams in order to develop strong instruction and support the unique strengths and talents of each of our students.

We are incredibly fortunate to have an active and supportive PTA. The PTA offers many educational enrichment experiences, funding for school and teacher needs and an opportunity to build connections within our school and community. 

For those of you who already have a connection to the Broadmor community, I thank you for being a part of making this school an amazing place for teaching and learning. Be proud! For those considering a move to join our school, please feel free to contact the school to gain a better sense of who we are! We’re available for tours by appointment.  

Barry L. Fritch, Principal