Holdeman Principal Wendy Reeck

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Thank you for visiting the Carminati Elementary website! The Carminati Staff and I are energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children because we believe “All Kids Count.”

Carminati is a caring school that offers a safe environment that fosters academic and emotional excellence so each student has the opportunity to succeed. As a smaller school with approximately 370 students, we are able to connect with each child individually and take responsibility for the education of all students.   

The entire staff encourages students to set high academic goals for themselves and to reach for their dreams. Our staff goals include developing and using strategies that will allow students to use higher levels of thinking and learning, creating self-directed and self-disciplined learners, and challenge all students to reach their full potential. We are so fortunate to have highly trained staff in the use of technology integration in order to prepare students to succeed in a global society.      

In addition to academic growth, an essential component of a child’s education is their social, emotional, and physical development. By providing comprehensive programs focusing on the whole child, we believe that our students will develop an enthusiasm for learning that includes happiness, a positive self image, and inquisitive nature.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to provide your child the best education and school experience. 

Wendy Reeck, Principal