Frank Construction and Design Updates

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Frank School is being rebuilt thanks to the Tempe Elementary School District voters who authorized the 2016 Bond. Without your assistance, this rebuild would not be possible.

Project Information:

Frank School will be undergoing a complete school rebuild while on an active campus and will be performed in two phases. The school will be including three new buildings for an approximate total of 79,400 square feet. The campus will have a two story building which is about 48,900 square feet and includes about 37 new classrooms.

The rebuild will also include a new administration and learning commons building, a new multipurpose room, and a cafeteria building which will house three music classrooms which will be named and dedicated to Ronaldo and Elena Sanchez. The project will include ample opportunity for natural daylight in each space, polished concrete floors and carpet use, as well as outdoor dining and learning spaces. There will also be a new bus drop and parent drop off area with longer queuing areas and more parking opportunities. 

A special thank you to Frank School's Project Based Learning (PBL) class who worked with our Project Team and for their help creating and proposing designs which will be integrated into their school's rebuild. 

The Frank School rebuild is planned to be complete at the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Project Team:

  • Architect – Hunt & Caraway Architect Group
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) – Chasse Building Team
  • Tempe Elementary School District Educational Advisor – Superintendent Christine Busch
  • Tempe Elementary Facilities Management for Learners Project Management Team – Steve Pomroy, Jeff Homstad, and Courtney Quesada

Key Dates:

We welcome our community to join us at the Grand Opening Ceremony! Attendees will enjoy performances from a local mariachi band, dance group, and special campus tours. 

  • Frank School Grand Opening Ceremony - August 1, 2019 at 6:05 p.m.
    (following the Meet Your Teacher event)

New Features and Upgrades:

Below is a listing of new features and upgrades that will be integrated in Frank School's rebuild.

  • Natural daylight and LED lighting throughout. 
  • 2012 Energy Code Requirements and Building Energy Management System in use.
  • Separate cafeteria and multipurpose room that can be used at the same time.
  • More energy savings with less exterior doors and access points with energy efficient windows.
  • More centralized parent and community gathering areas with easier use for night or community meetings.
  • Outdoor community amphitheater for after hour events and use by community.
  • Student breakout spaces.
  • Outdoor learning area designed by Frank students.
  • Outdoor dining and shade area.
  • Building designed by keeping with a traditional Spanish theme.

Upgrades to School Safety:

Below is a listing of upgrades to school safety that will be integrated in Frank School's rebuild.

  • Parking and access to front of school and administration area will be much closer.
  • Parent drop-off and queuing will be safer and more organized while also not causing issues with traffic.
  • All doors locked and secured during lockdown by use of electrified doors without staff requiring to secure.
  • Secured playground areas within courtyard for kindergarten through first-grade.
  • Secured centralized courtyards for better building security.
  • More windows for better sight of the campus.
  • Less access points to get within the building in lieu of all classrooms with exterior doors.

For Design and Construction Updates:

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  • See above information on community meeting dates.
  • If you have additional questions about our school rebuild, please contact our Facilities Management for Learners office at (480) 642-1542.


  • When will construction begin?

    We anticipate construction beginning the later part of April 2018.

  • When will construction end?

    The project end date is scheduled to be July 2019.

  • Where will students be during this time of construction?

    The design of the building will allow us to occupy all current classroom space during the course of construction.

  • How will parents enter the school after the rebuild?

    The main entrance to the campus will remain in the current location.

  • Where will buses be after the rebuild?

    Buses will have a separate drop off located at the southeast corner of the school.

  • Will students be using portables during construction?

    Our students will continue to use the three portable classrooms they currently occupy.