Fuller_Principal_Melissa Faeh - headshot of woman with long brown hair smiling in front of tree


Welcome to Fuller Elementary! I am truly humbled to be able to serve as Fuller’s newest principal and continue the remarkable work that has built our school’s legacy.

Fuller has a long tradition of providing a high-quality education for all students through the collaboration between a dedicated staff and a supportive community. We value the role of parents and community in the education of our students, and we embrace opportunities to welcome parents. While Fuller teachers work closely with parents, our PTA is also an invaluable asset to our school, providing resources to help us achieve our goals.

Fuller Falcons are successful learners because they are regularly engaged in their learning. Lessons are based upon Arizona’s standards but tailored to individual student needs. Whenever possible, those learning objectives are enhanced with the incorporation of technology. Our students are encouraged to ask questions and discover the answers through project-based learning. Students learn to support and encourage one another as they work through challenges together, creating deeply-rooted learning experiences.

In addition to a consistent focus on providing meaningful, appropriately challenging learning opportunities for our students each day, we also strive to maintain an environment in which students are safe, happy, and excited about learning. Through teaching and modeling kindness, we help our students develop the social skills that are the foundation for lifelong character development that mirrors those of successful citizens.

Looking ahead, I am excited to help Fuller School embrace unique traditions while also continuing to grow and maintain its position as a highly-sought educational setting for students with a variety of learning needs. I look forward to meeting and getting to know the students, parents, and community members of Fuller School so that we can continue to work together to provide the best educational experience possible for our children.


Melissa Faeh, Principal