Nevitt Principal Andrew Lebowitz


Welcome to Scales Technology Academy (S.T.A.), a school for innovative learning. We are a community of learners committed to excellence in education and integrated technology where students gain academic and personal success.

The S.T.A. staff is committed to making sure every family has a positive educational experience. Every staff member at S.T.A. works diligently to provide instruction for students to ensure they get the right educational experience for their unique needs; we strive to make certain every student will succeed at high levels both educationally and socially. At S.T.A. we also believe that students need to be citizens of the world.  Every person who enters our Scales campus is expected to “Be Respectful” “Be Responsible” “Be safe” and “Be Scholarly”. These tenants allow us to create a disciplined environment where teaching and learning are never interrupted. The S.T.A. staff values students, families, volunteers, staff, teachers, and administration because we are all members of the S.T.A. learning community, and we all need to focus our efforts toward enhancing the educational opportunities of our students.

Families can expect high-quality teaching and instruction that is grounded in research-based developmentally appropriate practices to ensure outstanding student achievement in a safe learning environment. We celebrate families and seek to share the knowledge and understanding of why we use the programs, resources, and assessments we use to ensure our students are learning to their fullest ability.  

Because parents are our students’ first and most influential teachers, your partnership is greatly valued. Families can be an active and supportive part of our Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) that offers many opportunities to become involved in activities that support children, teachers and our S.T.A. community. A few of the opportunities our P.T.O. provides are educational enrichment experiences, funding for school and teacher needs, and opportunities to build connections within our school and community.

I would like to thank all of you who have helped to make S.T.A. an amazing place for teaching and learning! I hope you will take some time to explore our website and learn more about the great things happening at Scales Technology Academy and the Tempe Elementary School District.


Andrew Lebowitz, Principal