Dress Standards

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Mandatory School Uniform Policy for K-5 Students
The Scales Technology Academy dress code was established to help increase a sense of pride for learning. We want each child to reach his or her potential in an environment that is safe and free from learning distractions. We want learning to be the focus for our children.

Uniform Colors:

  • Shirts: Maroon, Red, Pink, White, Light Blue, Navy, or Black
  • Bottoms (including jumpers): Navy, Black, or Khaki

Dress Standards colors

Shirts shall be worn as follows:

  • Polo style shirts with short or long sleeves
  • A plain collar with no emblem, logo or decoration. Exceptions include any official Scales polo shirts
  • ALL shirts must be tucked in.
  • Crew neck sweatshirts, button-up sweaters, pull-over sweaters, or sweater vests may be worn in the classroom as long as they are appropriate uniform colors (maroon, red, white, light blue, navy blue). Undershirts must correspond with the uniform top colors.

Bottoms shall be worn as follows:

  • Slacks, capris, jumpers, skorts, skirts, or shorts
  • Corduroy slacks may be worn in cold weather in the designated school uniform colors.
  • Belts, if worn, should be brown or black with no emblem, logo or decoration. Belts must be worn in the belt-loops.
Socks/shoes shall be worn as follows:
  • Socks must be Navy, White, Maroon, Brown or Black in color.
  • Socks must be worn and be solid in color and matching.
  • Styles may include ankle, mid-calf, knee socks, or tights.
  • For safety reasons, students must wear closed-toe shoes. Athletic sneakers must be worn on physical education (P.E.) days. Closed-toe, flat-heeled dress shoes may be worn on non-P.E. days. Shoes with Heelies/wheels are NOT permitted at any time.

Outerwear shall be worn as follows:

  • Jackets and coats are exempt from the uniform color requirements. Coats may not be tied around the waist (outside of recess time) or worn in the classroom.


  • Shorts, jumpers, skorts, and skirts must measure no higher than 4 inches from the bottom of the knee.
  • On physical education days, navy or khaki shorts must be worn under skirt or jumper.


  • Shorts may not be longer than 4 inches below the knee.
No denim, jeans, sweatpants, wind-pants, athletic pants, hip-hugger, low ride, carpenter, cargo, sag, baggy, spandex or leggings may be worn.

All other dress code requirements are outlined in the Tempe Elementary School District Student Handbook. Click here to read a summary of the District Dress Code Standards.

    We appreciate your cooperation in monitoring your child’s dress.