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Dress Standards

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Laird School Mandatory School Uniform Policy

The Laird School dress code policy was established in coordination with the Dress Standards to help create a learning environment where students come to school ready to learn. It is our goal at Laird to develop a community of learners who demonstrate a sense of pride and distinction. We look forward to the positive impact that uniforms will have on our academic environment and the equality of all students.



All students at Laird K-8 will abide by the school uniform policy. Students will be responsible for following the policy and make sure that they are in compliance every day. Students are expected to be in approved uniform clothing daily with the exception of announced non-uniform days (i.e., holidays, spirit days or Friday dress down rewards) – the dress code may be modified on these days by school administration.




Solid colored polo-style shirt with a collar (long or short sleeved) with no visible logos or insignia other than Laird logo.

Solid colored navy blue, black or khaki slacks/pants or shorts (no more than 4 inches above the knee).



Solid colored top/blouses with a collar (long or short sleeved) with no visible logos or insignia other than Laird logo.

Solid colored navy blue, black or khaki slacks/pants, jumpers, skirts, capris, shorts, skooters or skorts (no more than 4 inches above the knee).

Baggy or oversized clothing is not acceptable.

(No more than 1 size larger than the student’s clothing size)

Sweatpants or jeans of any kind may not be worn as uniform pants.

No DENIM is allowed.


Other Items

Belts, if worn, must be navy, black or brown and solid colored. They must be worn at the waist and fit appropriately.

Shoes must be closed toed and flat-heeled (students may not wear shoes with heels to school). Socks must be solid colored and can include ankle, mid-calf, knee socks or tights.

Sweaters/jackets that are worn inside the building must be solid colored. Jackets of any color may be worn to provide necessary warmth and protection, but only solid colored jackets may be worn in the building.


Additional Requirements

All shirts must be tucked in at all times – no exceptions.

No undergarments may show at any time.

Students are not permitted to wear hats on campus at any time (medical need is the only exception).


Dress Code Enforcement

All newly enrolled students who arrive without a uniform will be provided a “loaner” uniform for the day. The student will have 5 days to comply with the school uniform policy.

School staff with notify the office if the student is not in compliance with the uniform policy. Parents of the student will be notified.



1st Incident:  Extra clothing will be available from the nurse. The student will change into uniform clothing. The student will then change back into his or her own clothing at the end of the day. Uniform infraction notice will be sent home for parent signature.

2nd Incident:  Same procedure as above and student will lose at-school privilege (i.e., recess, lunch detention).

3rd Incident:  Same as 1st/2nd incident, plus a conference with parent/guardian will be scheduled with teacher and/or administrator.


In addition to this dress code, any and all student dress requirements already enforced or enacted by the Tempe Elementary School District must also be observed.

Download the uniform policy below:

Laird Dress Standards