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Greetings and Salutations from Ward Traditional Academy!

Ward Traditional Academy is an amazing neighborhood school of choice. Ward Traditional Academy has consistently ranked as one of the highest performing schools on the Arizona State Standards of Excellence. This is due in large part to our unique blending of a traditional model, direct instruction, educational research, combined with parent involvement and high student expectations. Ward’s philosophy is supported by our school’s mission statement where all stakeholders from students to administrators and all the positions in-between are held accountable for ensuring not just student excellence but excellence in all areas including academia. Teachers are certified and trained in the Spalding method of instruction and utilize direct teaching and best practices for all students as viable tools to deliver the rigorous curriculum that will insure an outstanding education and an academically rich environment.

Our teachers and support staff at Ward Traditional Academy commit themselves to making sure that each and every student excels academically. Our teaching staff is not only certified and highly qualified but continues to train and update their skill set throughout the year. Additionally, our educators continuously provide additional learning opportunities for our students to succeed daily through before and after school clubs, enrichment and tutoring opportunities. Ward has a unique element that ensures our success, our partnership with our student’s families. Our parents and community support our programs and staff with their involvement in daily school functions and monthly PTA meetings and events. With that, our parents sign a parent contract that requires 12 volunteer hours a year per family to support our school in a multitude of areas that directly benefit our students, staff and educational community.

Ward Traditional Academy is a distinctive school where students belong to the “Warrior” family. Not only is each student an active participant in his or her own education and expected to achieve mastery of all subjects, but also each student is regarded as a valued individual, who will be treated with kindness, respect, and dignity.


Dr. Taime Bengochea, Principal