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The Uniform Dress Code for Ward Traditional Academy:

1) Identifies the child as a student of Ward Traditional Academy

2) Diminishes social identifications by clothing choices

3) Places focus on academics and safety during school hours 

Parent/guardians are responsible for sending their children to school in school approved dress and grooming.  Dress code violations will be determined by the administration and faculty.  Teachers will check for compliance with the uniform dress code daily.  If a violation is determined, the parent/guardians may be contacted to bring appropriate clothing to school.  If a parent/guardian is unsure of the appropriateness of an item, style, color, etc., they are encouraged to seek guidance from the administration or faculty. The Principal of Ward Traditional Academy (WTA) will be responsible for the final decision on appropriateness of grooming and apparel.


  • Tops are a solid color in navy, black, burgundy, pastel pink or white, with collar and sleeves, polo style or button-down shirt. Length of shirts will be no longer than wrist length when arms are straight at sides and no shorter than pant waist when arms are raised.
  • Students in grades 4-8 are required to tuck in their shirts.
  • NO graphics or logos (other than WTA) are permitted. 
  • A uniform colored turtleneck or undershirt is permitted for warmth under the uniform top. Layering of tops for fashion is not allowed.


  • Bottoms are of basic, unembellished “uniform style,” flat-fronted or pleated, in solid navy or khaki.
  • Girls may wear pants, shorts, skirts, skorts or capris.  Jumper or polo shirt-dresses may be worn in navy only.
  • Boys may wear pants or shorts. Flat side pockets are permitted; puffy cargo pockets are not allowed.
  • NO graphics or logos are permitted. 
  • The length of all shorts, skirts and skorts must fall below the student’s fingertips when arms are straight at sides.


  • Jackets to be worn indoors must be in one of the uniform top colors – navy, black, burgundy, pink or white.
  • Jackets to be worn outdoors may be any color but must be one solid color. (Not to be worn inside)
  • NO graphics or logos (other than WTA) are permitted.
  • Please write the student's name in the jacket so it can be identified in the lost and found.


Hair – Only natural hair colors are acceptable. No extreme fad hair styles that could disrupt a productive classroom environment are acceptable. Hair accessories are to be smaller than 1/2 inch in any color without embellishments larger than one inch in diameter that serve a purpose (i.e. to hold hair out of the student's face.)

Makeup – Only natural looking makeup is permitted. Stick on tattoos are not allowed.

Jewelry – Pierced jewelry is permitted in ears only.  Studs or small earrings are allowed.  Large, dangling or hoop earrings, bracelets or jewelry that could cause distraction during instruction or injury on school grounds are not permitted.

Belts are optional.  A belt must be in a solid uniform color, black, or brown, without embellishments and worn through belt loops.

Shoes – Shoes are to have closed toes and closed heels. Athletic shoes are recommended with minimal accent colors and no embellishments that could cause classroom disruptions. No solid neon colored shoes. Boots are never allowed. When shopping for shoes, make the most conservative choice. The reason for a uniform is to not stand out.

Socks - Socks must be worn with all footwear in a solid uniform color plus black, brown or grey, without enhancements. Leggings or tights in uniform colors are acceptable for girls when worn with a skirt or jumper dress. Leggings cannot be worn alone as pants.

Hats - Hats or sunglasses may be worn for outdoor activities only. Hats for warmth must be in a solid uniform color and worn only outdoors. NO graphics or logos (other than WTA) are permitted.

SPIRIT DAY (Every Friday and as designated by the Principal) Optional

Tops are a school approved Spirit T-shirt of any style or color. Bottoms are “plain blue denim” pant, shorts, skirt or capris, free of all decoration, graphics, and of the same length as for WTA uniform clothing. Flat side pockets are permitted, puffy cargo pockets are not allowed.

  • Wearing a Spirit T-shirt with denim bottoms is allowed.
  • Wearing a Spirit T-shirt with uniform bottoms is allowed.
  • Wearing a uniform top with denim bottoms is NOT allowed.
  • The regular school uniform is acceptable any day of the week.


This is a reward day earned by the student(s) to wear their regular clothing. It remains the goal at WTA that students always observe modesty and a reasonable standard of dress. As such, the following standards shall apply to clothing worn on a “No Uniform Day”:

  • Clothing should be in undamaged (not torn or cut off) condition.
  • Logos or graphics that are non-offensive, do not display obscene or inflammatory language or gang affiliation, do not offer advertising for controlled substances, or depict violence are not allowed.
  • Tops should be sleeved and fully cover student’s midsection.
  • Length of shorts and skirts remain the same as with the uniform policy.
  • Hair, Makeup and Jewelry standards remain the same as with the uniform policy.
  • Standards for footwear remain the same as with the uniform policy.      

The regular school uniform is acceptable any day of the week.


Written notice will be sent to parents for the first and every violation of the uniform dress code sent home with the student. The notice is to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school office the following day. If the notice is not signed and returned the following day, the parent/guardian may be emailed to verify notification.

Upon the second offense, the student will be required to sit out during recess.

Upon the third offense, the student and their parent/guardian will be required to have a meeting with the teacher to review the uniform dress code to ensure understanding and compliance.

Upon the fourth offense, the parent/guardian will be required to accompany the student to school each morning for a full week. The student will be allowed on campus only after the principal (or their designee) gives the student uniform approval.  With approval, the parent/guardian may sign in their student for the day.

In the event of a fifth offense, the student’s enrollment at Ward Traditional Academy will be reviewed/discussed by the parent/guardian(s) and administrator.

Ward Traditional Academy Uniform Policy

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